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Due to the lack of game content, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been criticized by many people. Several veterans are expressing their anger online and have quit the game. However, Nintendo did not issue any response or official statement.

Players still expect developers to provide many features of previous games and look forward to the next update. In addition, there are rumors that Brewster and Habitat will return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, Brewster's return in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" still cannot meet the needs of players. Some data miners found that in the next Animal Crossing Items update, Brewster and his cafe, the Roost, will be introduced. They confirmed the arrival of the cafe through several in-game codes. In addition, like many past works, the cafe will also be located in the museum. Players should be happy with the addition of this new feature of the cafe. However, even if the arrival of Brewster and Roost will make players excited, they may be bored with Roost after a month or two, and they will want to find other more novel things. With the new items introduced in the 1.11 update, players have already felt bored.

In order to attract players back to new horizons, Nintendo needs to make a reliable choice. The popularity of the game has been improved after New Leaf Nintendo released the Welcome Amiibo update. Compared with previous games, ACNH has the best graphics and details, but it has shortcomings in many aspects. If developers start trying to Buy Animal Crossing Items publish new locations, players can decorate them with new themes. They can also publish some small games that can be played with villagers, because interacting with their own villagers on the island is one of the best features. If you add some extra options, you can play games with the villagers, it should be very interesting.

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With the upcoming release of Genshin Impact 2.1 update, players are looking forward to future updates. After all, if they know in advance which restricted characters are coming, they can prepare for the characters they want to get. Four new character banners were leaked on August 19, and it is said that they will follow Kokomi after the 2.1 update.

Although leaks will ruin Genshin Impact's surprise, it's useful to know in advance which characters will be available. In order to make sure that a player can obtain a five-star character from the banner, a total of 180 wishes are required, and approximately 28,800 Genshin Impact Accounts Primogems are spent. For players who do not recharge, this is a large and difficult to accumulate amount. So players can prioritize according to the roles they want, and then save. It is worth noting that the character banners that have been leaked may appear in a different order and have not been confirmed. However, the source of this possible leak is usually reliable. Moreover, it is said that the previous character may return, which makes many players feel excited.

A Twitter player posted a list of character banners that will follow Kokomi. It is said that the first banner is a new Inazuma character Yae Miko. After Yae, three reruns are expected, because it is difficult to get a specific role, so everyone is looking forward to these reruns. The estimate for the first rerun is Ganyu, she hasn't been there since January, so many players after this have no chance to get her. But now, if the rumors are true, Ganyu is expected to return in October. The next character that may return is Hutao. She is also a strong character that people are looking forward to. She first appeared in March. If she does return, it will probably be at the end of October or early November.

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Amazon's new world may be delayed again, but fans' interest in the game has not been affected.

New World has become one of the most popular games on Steam as calculated by SteamDB. It defeated games such as Battlefield 2042 and Left 4 Dead’s spiritual successor Back 4 Blood, which were about to enter the Battlefield series. Players will highlight the games they are interested in through Steam’s wishlist system. Players will be notified when the game is released or discounted. Moreover, if other players see their wish list, they can also give them the game they want.

Although New World followed Dying Light2 in second place, and it ranked very high on the wish list, in terms of sales, Amazon New World did not enter the top 100 games on the Steam bestseller list. The sales of Battlefield 2042, which lags behind the New World on the Wish List, surpasses the New World. But this situation may change with the release of the new world. The New World was supposed to be launched in May 2020, but it was scheduled for the end of May. However, its release New World Coins time was postponed to September 28 after the public beta.

It is worth noting that there are some obvious flaws in the Beta testing phase of New World, but it still achieved considerable success, attracting hundreds of thousands of players just before its release. The New World will be open to the public in September, and everyone can experience this excellent game.

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Although the PVP arena of WOW TBC Classic has only started for nine weeks, players are already ready for the arrival of the second season of the arena.

When TBC was popular in the mid-2000s, the first arena season lasted about 20 weeks. This season is expected to follow a similar timetable. The second season was released approximately at the same time as the raid on Black Temple, which was released in the third phase of the game content release.

However, the chief producer of Classic stated in an interview during The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament that the second season does not have to wait until Black Temple, it is earlier than expected, that is, the second season Buy TBC Classic Gold restarts in the second stage. Although the exact release date of the second phase has not been announced, the game’s PVP system has been updated and raid bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep are all being tested on the PTR.

Blizzard decided to stagger the release of the classic version, these raids will not be released when TBC is initially released. Because the equipment available in these raids is different from Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair and Karazhan.

Under the premise that Blizzard decides to end the first season ahead of schedule, the number of arena points earned by players in the remaining time of the first season before the second season will increase. Moreover, before the release of the second season, the cost of this season's rewards will also be reduced.

Considering these circumstances, we can estimate that the second phase of the game and the second season of the arena may be launched in the next four to six weeks. In the next month, we are likely to be able to see these content. However, it is worth noting that the specific time will depend on how the test is conducted.

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Sometimes, starting a game from scratch will give people a refreshing feeling and perhaps a sense of satisfaction. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the player can also restart his Nook Miles Tickets island.

If you restart the character in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", the game will keep the residents and functions intact, and the progress of the island will remain unchanged. If you restart the island, all non-playable characters, buildings, plants, and progress will disappear. If the player wants to restart the island, before starting, make sure that you are not mistaken, because the player may restart a new character. If you want to keep the secondary character in the game, the player must add a new user through the system settings page of Nintendo Switch. Then after the creation is complete, load "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" in the new configuration file. The new character must once again complete the introduction phase from the Dodo airport to the first use of Nook Phone. By creating new characters on existing islands, players can use each character to have independent money, rocks, and trees.

If the island needs to be restarted, the player needs to delete the saved data. Although this operation process is relatively fast, all content and custom settings will be deleted, so be sure to think carefully. If you are sure you want to restart the island, then you need to go to the main menu of the Switch to perform some operations. First, enter the system settings interface, then scroll down to data management, continue to scroll down to delete the saved data, and finally confirm and delete. In this way, all the data saved in the game is deleted, and when the player reopens the game, the island and the native fruit trees on the island will disappear. Of course, after restarting, the name of the new island will be able to be modified. And there will be a brand new layout.

New NPC villagers and fruits on the island will be introduced shortly after starting the game and flying to the island. If the player is not satisfied with the new island layout, fruits or the first two residents, the player can close the game immediately after the Animal Crossing Items plane has landed, and then repeat the above steps to refresh all the game content.

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Among the vast arable resources in the New World, there is the elusive Fae Iron. There are eight powerful weapons that span game styles that can be crafted with it. Players learned about the importance of Fae Iron in upgrading their equipment during the testing of the new world. They are very useful and very rare at the same time.

Rare resources like Fae Iron are much more difficult to obtain than mining resources like gold and iron. Its location is not difficult to find, but its drop as a trophy makes its Cheap New World Coins resources very rare. To find Fae Iron, players must have the highest luck at the time. However, there are ways to improve luck temporarily and permanently.

Fae Iron can be obtained by mining iron ore scattered on the fictitious Attnham Island in the United States. When the player mines iron ore, although they always only get iron, they can sometimes get Fae Iron. During this period, players can continue to dig until they find Fae Iron, but if you want to find Fae Iron faster or more, it is best to improve your luck to increase the chance of dropping loot.

In the new world, players can use Azoth to make a pickaxe and use this item to obtain higher mining luck characteristics. There is also armor, which can also increase mining luck characteristics. Although some items provide permanent mining luck to the player, the most effective way to increase mining luck seems to be temporary. Players can temporarily increase mining luck by eating some food. Players can cook a variety of recipes to make these foods. Players can cook baked potatoes when the cooking level is zero. This food will provide players with a small amount of mining luck. If the player's cooking level is higher, the more recipes can be used. There are other foods, such as roasted potatoes with herbs and boiled potatoes, which can provide a higher level of mining luck.

When the player has gained extra mining luck through cooking or wearing equipment, they can start mining iron ore. You can increase mining luck by eating dishes or wearing equipment. When you are ready, you can start mining wildly. Although the chance of Fae Iron falling from iron ore veins is very low, players will always get a high enough mining luck in the end. Want to make all kinds of weapons and equipment you dream of? Then try to collect Fae Iron. Earthen Smasher, Earth Battered Axe, Twig of Azoth Tree, Hunter's Longshot, Branch of Azoth, Hunter's long shot and other powerful equipment can be crafted through Fae Iron. Each of these weapons has a different game style. From rangers to tanks, used by any profession.

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Alchemy is a very useful skill. Here are some facts about alchemy.

In the Burning Crusade of World of Warcraft, many people are preparing for the things provided in the game. In order to obtain more TBC coins, alchemy is one of the TBC Classic Gold functions that can be used.

You first need to learn more about the details of alchemy, so as to ensure that you can better use alchemy in the game. After using alchemy to refine herbs, you can make potions, elixir and other items. When you want to process jewelry, you can also use this skill to transform primitive gems. The use of alchemy is also suitable for transforming elemental primitive creatures into other kinds of primitive creatures.
In the game, there is a new product of alchemy called Cauldron. They come in five different types, including Fire Protection Cauldron, Nature Protection Cauldron, Big Frost Protection Cauldron, Big Arcane Protection Cauldron and Big Shadow Protection Cauldron. The use of the cauldron is related to the 25 main protection potions you can use. Players need to use a method called Discovery to figure out what the recipe is.

Discovery is a brand-new technology for learning alchemy recipes. Players can learn recipes through a combination of alchemy. Because the player needs Discovery's transformation, potion or potion formula. All a completely random factor is added to the entire method, so the player does not need to be at the highest level or proficient level to use it.

However, you need to use a specific combination to learn about the five new Cauldron recipes. 25 related major protection potions are included in each Cauldron, so you need to use WOW TBC Classic items and this specific potion to discover it.

In addition, the choice of roles can also Buy TBC Classic Gold help improve alchemy skills. If you are very interested in alchemy, I suggest you focus on herbal medicine, because you will need herbs to make everything.

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As an MMO game, New World is impressive for its sociality. In some other MMO games, they are also very social. Players are chatting on various topics in the world or regions, and various hot spots are full of vitality. But compared with the new world, their social drive is still weaker. Taxation is one of the hotspots of chat in the new world.

General tax only exists in real life, but now, it will be unavoidable in the new world. If you want to gain control during factional wars, the key factor is to Buy New World Coins set tax rates in settlements. Adjustments to tax rates such as housing fees, sales and production fees are all within the jurisdiction of settlement owners. It should be noted that adjustments to high or low tax rates also require careful consideration. Because if the tax is set too high, you may become the target of rival factions that want to usurp you. If the tax is too low, more settlers will be attracted, but then you won’t make that much money. . Taxation issues in the new world are just like taxation issues in real life. A balance should be achieved.

In the beta version, when settlements were taken over by factions, faction chats became more lively, and everyone was discussing common topics. Discussing hostile targets or excessive taxes, etc., like players personally participating in the actual situation in the game, not just a virtual chat in the game.

When the players were chatting, they discussed the game enthusiastically. Whether it is the test version itself or the follow-up Brightwood and Windsward battle coordination and organization of counter-offensive and war strategies, the faction chat is very active. People stand in the perspective of developers and imagine the situation of PVP. This is an interesting mechanism whether it is fighting other people in most other games or in video games. It affects not only a single player, but the entire group of players. In addition to fighting for prestige, players themselves have become very motivated. You know, in social games, whether players participate in social interaction is a very important thing.

After the new world is fully launched, I don’t know how long this phenomenon will last, and the faction-wide coordination does not know whether it will continue as in the beta version. This may fail, or it may be included in the new world version of the guild. It is hoped that over time, such social games will grow and be in the leading position of MMO multiplayer games. Because the new world brings social interaction back to the MMO New World Coins game, which makes the game experience seem to be better.

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The 2.2 version of the replay banner was repeatedly teased by a popular original god leaker, who hinted that her first replay might be the 5-star Cryo and Bow character Ganyu.

Another leaker said on Twitter that in version 2.2, not only will the past character be replayed, but a new character will also be released. He said that there should be a cool replay in version 2.2, and at least there will be a new character. He will share some news as much as possible, but he also reminds everyone that all this may still change.

Ganyu is the only 5-star Cryo and Bow Genshin Account character in the game. If you have been playing the original god and paying close attention to all the characters released since the release, then the first character that comes to mind is Ganyu, right? In version 2.1, Ganyu will join Aloy who joined Horizon and distribute it for free.

In addition, everyone should pay attention to that there have been several rumors about Ganyu rebroadcast in the past few months. But they don't seem to have any basis, but now based on the tweets sent by the leaker, we get something specific for the first time.

After the new version was released, miHoYo officially announced the role of the next version on Twitter. This shows that Geshin Impact version 2.2 does add a new character. We can know who this character is within a few hours after the release of version 1.1. The release time of 1.1 is said to be September 1, 2021.

On the second day after version 2.0 was released, The Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara, and Sangonomiya Kokomi were revealed as new playable characters in version 2.1. In any case, everyone should pay close attention to the week of September 1.

Geshin Impact 2.1 version will be live broadcast soon and will add more Inazuma islands and a fishing system Buy Genshin Account based on the leak. Two new bosses that drop ascension materials for the shogun and Kokomi will also appear. If you are interested, please pay close attention to the related information of Geshin Impact.

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As the huge open world of Genshin Impact, Teyvat is usually hidden under layers of fog, so players have no way to overlook the entire world. Recently, with the help of a redditor, we can finally see the look of Teyyat after the sky is clearer. It is very beautiful.

As far as we know, the world is huge, but Teyvat has not really shown it to us from the perspective of an eagle eye. At present, in addition to some of the content shared by players so far, travelers can only visit the three worlds of Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma. Teyvat still looks big from a height even though we already have seven worlds.

The Redditor climbed up a tall pillar, and they used the video when the game failed to remove the dense fog texture that would normally hide everything when gliding. The Genshin Impact Accounts player can see and stretch the three countries below. When the sun sets on the horizon, especially Liyue, it looks incredible.

Unfortunately, players have not used the camera to provide similar things to everyone because of the malfunction in the game. However, Teyvat's vast mountains, oceans, and cities and towns still constitute a perfect screenshot. People hoped to replicate this failure, so they quickly asked how the player entangled in the sky, but for now, this is like a mystery, and everyone hasn't figured it out yet.

In addition to some appreciable glitches, Mihoyo is also busy for players who are keen to pursue the easier and officially supported Genshin Impact. The banner of Lightning’s cute pyrotechnician Yoimiya went live last Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts week. With the release of Ayaka, five-star heroes are also launched along with new regions. And after Kazuna disappears from the current banner, you can still get a special live wallpaper to celebrate that his family is also from Lightning.

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