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As the huge open world of Genshin Impact, Teyvat is usually hidden under layers of fog, so players have no way to overlook the entire world. Recently, with the help of a redditor, we can finally see the look of Teyyat after the sky is clearer. It is very beautiful.

As far as we know, the world is huge, but Teyvat has not really shown it to us from the perspective of an eagle eye. At present, in addition to some of the content shared by players so far, travelers can only visit the three worlds of Mondstadt, Liyue and Inazuma. Teyvat still looks big from a height even though we already have seven worlds.

The Redditor climbed up a tall pillar, and they used the video when the game failed to remove the dense fog texture that would normally hide everything when gliding. The Genshin Impact Accounts player can see and stretch the three countries below. When the sun sets on the horizon, especially Liyue, it looks incredible.

Unfortunately, players have not used the camera to provide similar things to everyone because of the malfunction in the game. However, Teyvat's vast mountains, oceans, and cities and towns still constitute a perfect screenshot. People hoped to replicate this failure, so they quickly asked how the player entangled in the sky, but for now, this is like a mystery, and everyone hasn't figured it out yet.

In addition to some appreciable glitches, Mihoyo is also busy for players who are keen to pursue the easier and officially supported Genshin Impact. The banner of Lightning’s cute pyrotechnician Yoimiya went live last Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts week. With the release of Ayaka, five-star heroes are also launched along with new regions. And after Kazuna disappears from the current banner, you can still get a special live wallpaper to celebrate that his family is also from Lightning.

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