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Although the PVP arena of WOW TBC Classic has only started for nine weeks, players are already ready for the arrival of the second season of the arena.

When TBC was popular in the mid-2000s, the first arena season lasted about 20 weeks. This season is expected to follow a similar timetable. The second season was released approximately at the same time as the raid on Black Temple, which was released in the third phase of the game content release.

However, the chief producer of Classic stated in an interview during The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament that the second season does not have to wait until Black Temple, it is earlier than expected, that is, the second season Buy TBC Classic Gold restarts in the second stage. Although the exact release date of the second phase has not been announced, the game’s PVP system has been updated and raid bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep are all being tested on the PTR.

Blizzard decided to stagger the release of the classic version, these raids will not be released when TBC is initially released. Because the equipment available in these raids is different from Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair and Karazhan.

Under the premise that Blizzard decides to end the first season ahead of schedule, the number of arena points earned by players in the remaining time of the first season before the second season will increase. Moreover, before the release of the second season, the cost of this season's rewards will also be reduced.

Considering these circumstances, we can estimate that the second phase of the game and the second season of the arena may be launched in the next four to six weeks. In the next month, we are likely to be able to see these content. However, it is worth noting that the specific time will depend on how the test is conducted.

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