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Alchemy is a very useful skill. Here are some facts about alchemy.

In the Burning Crusade of World of Warcraft, many people are preparing for the things provided in the game. In order to obtain more TBC coins, alchemy is one of the TBC Classic Gold functions that can be used.

You first need to learn more about the details of alchemy, so as to ensure that you can better use alchemy in the game. After using alchemy to refine herbs, you can make potions, elixir and other items. When you want to process jewelry, you can also use this skill to transform primitive gems. The use of alchemy is also suitable for transforming elemental primitive creatures into other kinds of primitive creatures.
In the game, there is a new product of alchemy called Cauldron. They come in five different types, including Fire Protection Cauldron, Nature Protection Cauldron, Big Frost Protection Cauldron, Big Arcane Protection Cauldron and Big Shadow Protection Cauldron. The use of the cauldron is related to the 25 main protection potions you can use. Players need to use a method called Discovery to figure out what the recipe is.

Discovery is a brand-new technology for learning alchemy recipes. Players can learn recipes through a combination of alchemy. Because the player needs Discovery's transformation, potion or potion formula. All a completely random factor is added to the entire method, so the player does not need to be at the highest level or proficient level to use it.

However, you need to use a specific combination to learn about the five new Cauldron recipes. 25 related major protection potions are included in each Cauldron, so you need to use WOW TBC Classic items and this specific potion to discover it.

In addition, the choice of roles can also Buy TBC Classic Gold help improve alchemy skills. If you are very interested in alchemy, I suggest you focus on herbal medicine, because you will need herbs to make everything.

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