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RATED FOR .22 CAL PISTOL OR RIFLE: This steel target is specifically rated for soft nose lead .22 caliber ammunition only (at a minimum of 30 yards).

HEAR THE HIT: Hear the resounding ding-dong of the cowbell with every hit. Whether shooting alone or competing with a shooting partner, let you skill speak for itself.

NO NEED TO RESET: This product is designed for you to enjoy shooting without the interruption of having to reset your target. FUN FOR EVERYONE: This highly reactive steel target makes practicing with your .22 a fun and engaging experience.

STURDY CONSTRUCTION: This fun cowbell target is supported by a sturdy steel frame. The dimensions of the product are approximately 9 x 4 x 17 inches. No assembly is required.

I run a .22lr gun range at a camp. This cow bell has held up fine. We've had 2 events with it, sending almost 1000 rounds down-range. I'm not sure how many the bell itself took (I'd estimate at least 100rds by now).

Target on the bell is a sticker which came off with the first direct shot. I'd recommend a target stencil. I've re-painted it (orange) twice now, but that's no fault of the bell's, it has just been shot a lot. I wish the bell's resonance was a little better, but it is smaller.

The stand has taken some hits at the top where the bell attaches and is still holding up fine.

This is one of our favorite targets! We've hit it with .22 9mm .45acp .45lc and .223. The .223 was probably not a good idea, it left a hole clean through both sides at 75 yards. Oops. But we still use it for the .22. The .45acp at 7 yards just puts a dent in the bell. We did weld up the sides were there is a seam from when it's made. It's worth it!

I bought this for my dad for Christmas, then went target shooting with him. We shot it with .22 and a 30-06 rifle. The .22's made a great pinging noise and we were able to tell we'd hit the target without using a scope to see the damage. It held up great. We probably shouldn't have shot it with the 30-06. It took a few hits and was destroyed.

this bell is made out of thick steel.we shoot it all day with are 22 longs an just puts a stain on the steel.but does have a cool ring to it very loud cow bell IDK if I'd shoot it with a bigger caliber .could of been a little taller may weld some longer legs on it.but other than that great bell lots of fun.

This is good cowbell target for plinking. The paint (and the sticker that it comes with) will be shot off fairly quickly. If you don't build a target stand for this, I would suggest keeping a rubber mallet handy to pound it into the ground.

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By tony lee
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