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17-20 caliber is 5-40 threaded

22-50 caliber is 8-32 threaded

10-28 gauge & 410 Bore are 5/16-27 threaded

Will fit most brands of cleaning rods

Great nylon bore brushes. I use them with certain chemicals that are required to remove a carbon ring in the throat area of the barrel .

I like the ability to reverse the nylon that could cause damage with a bronze brush. The makers of some of my fine match grade barrels recommend nylon brushes to protect the bore. I've been told by several barrel makers that more barrels are ruined by improper cleaning than by shooting. I'll take their word for it. These brushes last a long time and seem almost impervious to solvents that dissolve bronze brushes over time.

Ive been using several in different calibers and have yet to replace one.

Gun cleaning "conventional wisdom" is seldom conventional and often unwise. I grew up with the bronze brush followed by the Hoppe's swab, followed by multiple dry patches and finally oil. But you had to start with the bronze brush or the tornado brush. At some point, that all changed. Now you're only supposed to use "non-indicating" brushes, like these Tiptons. Apparently, the fine scratches left by bronze in the outtermost molecular layer of your rifle lands can, when combined with the Coriolis Effect, affect your accuracy by 1/10,000 MOA. (TOTALLY MAKING THAT UP). The short of it is that Anschutz says to use non-indicating brushes and I shall comply.

The problem I have with brass brushes is the bristles bend and therefore lose their effectiveness in cleaning . . . At least that's the way it seems to me. I use one of these today to clean a 22 LR rimfire and found it to be very effective in the multiple passes through the barrel, but came out looking just like new ( as to holding it's shape ). The design is good as it holds the bristles in a position to perform the cleaning around the lands and grooves of the rifling. I do not own a borescope so I cannot verify the cleaning job, but the patches were coming out with no signs of powder, copper, or lead remaining in the barrel. I update later after a few more range sessions.

Fast delivery, good quality bore brush. Has a heavy duty feel to it. This is the brush to use with very aggressive solvents such as Barnes CR-10 or Sweet's 7.62. For milder solvents such as Hoppes No.9, a regular phosphore brush will be better at metal fouling removal. For me, the nylon brush is the best to use when you doing barrel break-in procedure.

This was a gift but picked out by the person so should be ok.

Great brushes for cleaning your bore the nylon is very stiff for excellent removal of fouling!

There isn't too much to say about these, they are well made, inexpensive, and the arrived quickly.

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