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Gun Max Force Cleaning Rod .22-.45 Caliber tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

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Allows you to quickly and easily position handle at any point along the rod with just the press of your thumb

40" usable rod length coupled with the adjustable handle allows cleaning of small pistols all the way up to long-barreled magnum rifles

Ergonomic handle positions your hand for maximum force on the cleaning rod

Highly durable design is lightweight and fully solvent-resistant

22-45 Caliber (w/ 8-32 threads)

Snap Caps are a reusable and economical option for adjusting trigger pull, dry fire exercises, and reducing the pressure placed on hammer springs in storage.

I had heard a lot about this cleaning rod and while I understood the concept of this particular design, you just learn to accept this type of hype with a grain of salt.

Well, I for one am a convert. the idea of having the handle move to where you can best apply pressure to protect your gun and rod is a great idea, however, the rod still needs the ability to rotate while you move it ... and that proves to be a bit of a challenge to design.We has done it ... the floating ball bearing system allows the rod to freely rotate while you push and pull the rod with the handle locked. It is both easy and intuitive to move the rod in a safe and controlled manner, even when there is substantial resistance from a patch or cleaning brush. Quite an accomplishment, worth every penny of the additional cost over traditional designs.

This rod makes taking care of your firearms just that much easier and safer.

Received my Max Force cleaning rod a few weeks ago and finally got around to using it to clean a couple of my Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter barrels. This is the slickest cleaning rod imaginable. As stated in their video, you simply slide the adjustable squeeze handle up or down the length of the rod to enable maximum useable force when driving the rod and cleaning patch down the barrel. Never a worry about the rod crimping by having to push the rod from 24" - 30" back from the breech. Simply move the handle a comfortable distance from the breech, 12" - 14," squeeze the handle to lock it onto the rod and push…slide the handle back 12" or so and push some more until the rod tip/patch exit the barrel. Foolproof!

The cleaning rod is what i have been looking for. I have been using mine for over 6 months now and use it 3 to 4 times a week cleaning my rifles. There is no changing different link rods that I end up breaking. The tipon rod along with brushes & jags there is no using of adapters that get lost or left on a brush and you can't find that also break easily.

I have not broken anything because the brush and jags are the same sizes. It's a great cleaning rod I really like it. In the long run, it saves me time and money from not having to buy new rods that break. I have applied a lot of pressure and the rod can take. I bought the long cleaning rod and with the handle that locks any position does every rifle i have from short barrel AR'S & AK's and all the rifle in between to the longest rifle barrel i have is a 32" inch Swedish Mauser 6.5 x 55.

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By tony lee
Added Feb 22 '22



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