In the name of all my holiness, what happened to my crazy 21 franchise coach? from tonghuan's blog

Last night was a fun night when I played Madden 21. It started very innocently because I participated in the practice of the online franchise team while waiting for my friend and opponent to start the game this week.

In the "Franchise" mode, Madden 21's matchmaking is very far away, requiring two players to enter the game hall at the same time. After about 15 minutes of failure, we can finally play the game. I ended up losing by scoring a goal, but that was not what made me so upset.

You will see that during our 15-minute connection attempt, something happened. Something I have never seen before. Something frightening. After exiting and re-entering franchise mode in the hope of matching with my opponent, my custom coach turned into a fluorescent radioactive monster, his arms and face were covered with the words of the brand, maybe only Madden 21 Coins can do it Let me knock it down easily.

When someone immersed the Razer peripheral in the water, the rest seemed to be exposed, and the once tanned flesh was replaced by the bright RGB colors under the black polo.

Finally, the actual body and facial structure of the coach is completely different from the person I created. Although I created a Japanese male, its movement frame is small (not exactly a mirror image to me, but close enough), but what appeared to me was a bald, heavy, non-Asian monster, I Unshakable.

It is shocking to see my new Lite Bright coach, and I can't say that I must be surprised by this happening. Madden 21 is not terrible, but there are many mistakes in terms of errors and basic game problems-the latter has been haunting the series for the time I remember (I'm looking at you, the corner of the corner allows a wide-angle receiver to Zoom to the right along the Go route). I want to say that this is the strangest error I have encountered in a game on PS5 (via backward compatibility). I will Buy Madden 21 Coins in the future to avoid these troubles.

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