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BioWare is making some very important major changes to the SWTOR Guild Conquest system. In the upcoming update, new members will have a grace period to join the guild before they start contributing conquest points, and the penalty for the guild is to remove players from their ranks! All of these will come in the near future!

An update was made on January 17 to provide more information about the origin of the event and how the community can investigate before organizing the bulk of tickets sent to customer support.

SWTOR system designer David Staats revealed in a forum post that as part of future updates, will undergo a series of changes. Without the developers messing up the conquest system, games rarely survive more than two patches. This time there are good reasons, and judging by the reaction below David’s post, I want to say that the community is enthusiastic about it.

Currently, when players join the guild, they will immediately start to use their personal conquest gains to contribute to the guild’s conquest points. The new system will introduce a grace period before the newly accepted characters start earning points for their new guilds. This change will only affect the guild conquest points and rewards brought by the characters, not the personal conquest points and rewards. Their contribution will be calculated from the next conquest.

During the grace period, new characters will not appear in the guild conquest leaderboard, and will not receive guild invasion rewards. When new characters view the "guild invasion screen, they will see a message indicating that they are currently unable to contribute to the new guild’s conquest score and must wait until the next conquest event occurs. Similarly, when viewing the "guild roster" "On the page, new roles that cannot be contributed will be displayed, so that the guild leader can better understand who cannot actively contribute."

This new rule only targets every character. If you have other alternatives in other guilds, they will not be affected. Only roles that switch or join the guild can pass the grace period. If you bring your substitute into the same guild, the substitute must also go through a grace period, but you can only choose a new substitute.

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