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The release date of BioWare 6.2 and a complete timeline of all in-game events that have already appeared in December’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are a few special places, because this is the "holiday season", and most importantly, the game this month is nine years old!

The pirate invasion in the game happened on Dantooine. It was first released in SWTOR Game Update 5.10.3 early last year.

If you are a new player, please check the "Dantooine Mission Guide" and understand that some special events can only be performed when the event is not in progress, so even after the event is over, you still have a reason to visit Dantooine several times. You can also learn more about SWTOR Credits latest information at IGGM.

The remote planet Dantooine has been pushed into the center of escalating hostility between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Under the secret impetus of the secret imperial army, the pirates of Rising Star Blade launched an all-out attack on the world of the Herder Republic. When the Republic competed for key territories at the edge of the empire’s space, the Empire planned to use the chaotic situation to deal a major blow to the long-term republic fortress.

They are here again! Zombies... I mean Rakghouls! The Rakghoul Resurgence incident is the oldest of all incidents, and it will continue for another week this month. I don’t even remember the year it first appeared. I do remember that the original Rakghoul event was cooler and more fun, but this is another theme!

The special Wookiee Day of Life celebrations mark the holidays in Star Wars. Every year, "Star Wars: The Old Republic" brings back cute (coughing) snowball throwing guns and all other cool decorations to celebrate this event! But buying swtor credits at https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits can also add a lot of new equipment.

Fun fact: My sentry Vulkk has been wearing the Life Day robe for many years, this is his main and only equipment. I should thank "Day of Life" for providing the best costumes for my protagonist. Despite the fact that compared to all the new Cartel Market shiny cosmetics, it looks outdated today.

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