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In the realm of New World, gold holds the key to survival. As you navigate the dangerous lands of Aeternum, having a good amount of gold becomes essential for buying the things you need to survive for more than just a day. The money you earn through your efforts can be used to get important items like weapons, housing, and other essentials.

Making sure you own territories in your area is a smart move, as it gets you discounts on purchases. If you're on your own, you might end up spending more money than necessary. Apart from these player-focused systems, gold also has other uses, whether it's upgrading your weapons or quickly getting resources to help with town quests.

To successfully complete tasks in the game, you'll need a lot of New World Coins. Luckily, there are several effective ways to make money in the world of Aeternum. Let's explore the best methods for wealth accumulation in this realm:

1. Quests

Quests are your main source of income. The best way to make money in New World is by completing quests. Whether they're side quests or part of the main story, finishing these tasks will earn you a good amount of gold. Since you have to do these quests anyway, why not make some money along the way?

2. Trading

Another great method is to sell items you find throughout the map. Go to trading posts and sell your items there to make money easily. The player-to-player auction system is perfect for selling items you can't use or don't need anymore, and you can set your prices as you see fit.

You can also play around with market dynamics. If you're the only one selling a particular item, you can raise the price a bit. But remember, if you're asking for a crazy amount of money for something like an axe, it might be hard to find a buyer. For example, selling simple things like sugar for a high price might not work, especially when everyone can get it easily.

3. Exploration

Exploring the world is another good way to make money, especially by doing repeatable side quests. Right outside the entrance to Amrine Excavation, you can pick up a quest from Doge Bacchus Midas. This quest will give you a good amount of experience points and gold. Enemies you encounter during expeditions also drop gold.

However, remember that grinding against monsters isn't the most effective way to make money in New World. It's better to focus on this method while you're in a group doing expeditions.

In the ever-changing world of New World, knowing how to make money is essential for a successful journey. By wisely completing quests, engaging in trading, and exploring the world, you can ensure a prosperous adventure in the mystical land of Aeternum. 

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