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Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has managed to master the MMO genre since its early days, and it's a testament to the principle "if it's not broken, don't fix it." Released in January 2001, RuneScape has stood the test of time, with the vintage classic living on in the form of Old School RuneScape since 2013.

Following the release of RuneScape 3, there was a demand for classic servers that offered an older version of the game. Old School RuneScape is precisely that, harking back to the game as it was in 2007, preserving the best of the original while incorporating some new features. After all these years, there remain several compelling reasons why Old School RuneScape stands out among MMOs.

A Thriving Economy

In the world of MMOs, a player-driven economy is a common feature. In RuneScape, this economic marvel is known as The Grand Exchange. It isn't just a marketplace; it's a virtual gathering spot where players trade, socialize, and share information. Newcomers often start their journey at the Grand Exchange, seeking gear, advice, guilds, or simply engaging in random conversations. It serves as an unofficial social hub, accessible to all players and designed to create a sense of vast open space.

A Free-To-Play Version That's Impressive

Many modern games have adopted aggressive monetization strategies, leaving players frustrated with paywalls and in-game advertisements. Old School RuneScape offers a refreshing contrast with its free-to-play version, which provides access to nearly all aspects of the game. While it may take a bit longer to acquire certain items, the game's free-to-play model ensures accessibility. Moreover, the game offers various subscription options, some of which don't involve real-world currency but can be purchased with in-game gold.

Customer Service Involving Players

Old School RuneScape developers at Jagex take a meticulous approach to changes in the game. Player input and feedback play a pivotal role in decision-making. Whether it's introducing new gear, quests, professions, or holiday events, the player community actively contributes to shaping the game's direction. Jagex's hands-on approach, evident in their meticulous consultation process for a new skill, fosters a sense of collaboration and trust.

A Friendly Community

While discussions about toxic gaming communities are common, Old School RuneScape remains an exception. Both the old and new versions of the game boast a reputation for having friendly, inclusive, and overall cheerful communities. This positive atmosphere has been a hallmark of the game since its inception.

Old School RuneScape's enduring success is a testament to its ability to preserve the elements that players cherish while remaining open to innovation and player involvement. This combination of nostalgia and forward-thinking has created a unique MMO experience that continues to thrive.

Community Oversight

Jagex, the company behind OSRS, diligently monitors parts of the game that can breed toxic behavior, such as cheating, RS Gold farming, and exploitation, as well as offensive language, racism, and other forms of misconduct. This commitment to maintaining a positive player community sets OSRS apart from other MMOs that sometimes neglect to enforce their own rules.

Minimal Need for Add-Ons

While some MMORPGs rely heavily on player-created add-ons to fill in missing features or functionality, OSRS offers a complete gaming experience without the need for external add-ons. The quest log provides detailed information about tasks, including objectives, locations, and key NPCs to interact with. Additionally, a map with marked relevant areas simplifies navigation, ensuring that players have all the tools they need at their fingertips.

Exceptional Mobility

OSRS's point-and-click gameplay style translates seamlessly to mobile devices, making it accessible and enjoyable on tablets and smartphones. Since its release on Android and iOS in 2018, even longtime players accustomed to traditional keyboards have found the mobile version easy to adapt to. From a technical standpoint, the mobile version runs smoothly with minimal bugs, offering a convenient way for players to enjoy the game on the go.

Engaging Player Challenges

OSRS has a rich tradition of player-generated challenges, thanks to its highly customizable gameplay options, including RS3 Rares Items gear and weapons. These challenges range from individual experiences like Ironman mode, which can be undertaken in groups, to large-scale eSports events like Wilderness Wars. One of the most unique recurring events is the Deadman Tournament, organized and announced by Jagex. In this event, players compete not only for a cash prize but also for the chance to claim their opponents' items—a distinctive feature not found in other MMOs.


Old School RuneScape distinguishes itself in the MMO world by maintaining a welcoming community, providing a complete gaming experience without relying on add-ons, offering mobile accessibility, and creating engaging player challenges that keep the game fresh and exciting. These qualities contribute to OSRS's enduring popularity and success.

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