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The Nova Sorceress is a close-combat fighter that can deal massive damage within a limited area of effect. With the assistance of the Infinity item, she becomes capable of clearing any area in the game at speed.

This guide aims to provide an overview of the PvM ES Infinity-wielding Nova sorceress build, leveraging my extensive experience playing Diablo 2 and now Diablo 2 Resurrected. By utilizing the Conviction aura from Infinity and Lightning Sunder Charm, this build can effortlessly handle Lightning Immune Monsters, rendering them vulnerable to the Nova Sorceress's high damage output. Insight on your Mercenary synergises well with your energy shield making you tanky, and enabling close range combat with formidable mobs with little risk.

Unfortunately the Nova Sorceress requires some key expensive components to build, and is not tenable without them. As such, this should be considered an end-game build.

Skill Build:

Below is a recommended skill build for the Nova Sorceress:

1 to Prerequisites

20 points to Nova

Nova is the primary skill of this build, providing high damage and an Area of Effect. Static Field is used to weaken tankier groups of monsters, making them more susceptible to Nova's damage, or for boss-killing.

20 points to Static Field
Synergy for Nova damage

20 points to Lightning Mastery
Lightning Mastery increases the damage output of all Lightning spells, including Nova by lowering enemy resistances.

20 points to Telekinesis 

Telekinesis enhances our Mana to Life ratios when we receive damage and is the secret to unlocking Energy Shield’s efficiency as a tank-maker.

20 points to Energy Shield
Max after Telekinesis

0-1 points to Thunder Storm 

Useful for sniping stray minions but not necessary.

1 point to Teleport
Our primary method of movement.

1 point to Warmth
Mana regeneration is highly synergistic to Energy Shield.

1 point to Frozen Armor
Useful as additional crowd control and additional defense.

Item Build:

The Nova Sorceress requires specific gear to maximize her potential. With a 2-hand infinity runeword as her weapon, she can take on almost any monster in the game. Here are some of the essential items for the Nova Sorceress. Keep in mind, we desire a 105FCR build to achieve the optimal breakpoint with a 2-hand Infinity:

Weapon (2-hand):

The 2-hand infinity Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes is the centerpiece of this build, providing Conviction Aura to break lightning immune monsters.

Switch: Call to Arms in Memory Staff providing buffs to Energy Shield skill would be the ideal switch.
Alternative: A normal CTA/Spirit switch is a good alternative. 


Body Armor:
Ormus Robes (Ideally with additional skills to Nova) or Vipermagi are good alternatives that provide FCR.
Chains of Honor provides valuable resistances and +2 to all skills but no FCR.


Griffon's Eye Diadem is the only choice, providing an additional lightning damage bonus, skills and FCR. This should ideally be socketed with a Lightning Facet.


Magefist is our de facto choice, providing FCR and mana regeneration.
Frostburns can be used to buff your mana pool and thus tankiness, though lacks FCR

Trang Gloves are also a good alternative, providing FCR and useful cold resistances.


Sandstorm Trek is the good option, providing excellent poison resistance, and 20% faster run/walk speed. Poison resistances are important as poison directly affects your lifepool and thus can be considered an Energy Shield nullifier.


Arachnid Mesh provides +1 to all skills, and FCR.


The Stone of Jordan is recommended for its +1 to all skills and mana bonus. 

10% Faster Cast Rate Ring can be used if necessary to reach the desired FCR breakpoint. Mana and resistances are useful mods.


Mara's Kaleidoscope provides +2 to all skills and resistance bonuses.
+2 Sorceress skills with FCR Amulet can be considered if required to reach the desired FCR breakpoint.


The Sorceress Hellfire Torch and Annihilus are essential, providing significant bonuses to stats and skills.

Lightning Sunder should be used to further boost your damage.
Skiller Grand Charms with Life or Faster Hit Recovery can help reach the desired breakpoints and provide additional damage.

Small Charms with Life, Resistances, Mana, Faster Hit Recovery, or Magic Find are recommended depending on needs.


Weapon: Insight Runeword (providing immense mana regeneration)
Armour: Fortitude or Treachery
Helmet: Andariel’s Visage (Life leech is important to sustain a mercenary)

Some notes: 

• Energy Shield has a cap of 40 skills where you absorb 95% of the damage received, further investment in skill points do not assist further. Stop investing skills when you reach this threshold with all gear.

• FHR (Fast Hit Recovery) is not a significant concern for this build due to the way hit recovery works in the game. Hit recovery counter is triggered by any hits that take off more than 1/12th of the character's maximum hit points. This build rarely takes any significant damage to health.

• Resistances are not crucial for this build as they only apply to damage to health, not to mana. Since this build takes only 5% damage to health, resistances are minor. Note, this is not true for poison as discussed earlier.

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