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Navigating the vast world of Diablo 2 Resurrected's farming areas can be a daunting task, given the plethora of well-known locations spread across different Acts and difficulty levels. This guide aims to streamline your farming experience by categorizing the best areas based on their respective levels and difficulty settings.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Farming Areas by Level

Carefully curated based on their ability to yield a diverse range of gear, these locations stand out for their ease of use in farming. The selection process prioritizes areas with comparably weaker hordes, featuring Unique and Super monsters that enhance the chances of obtaining superior gear.

In the sections that follow, we'll delve into the optimal farming areas for each difficulty level, ensuring that your D2R Items collection aligns seamlessly with your character's progression. From Normal to Nightmare and Hell difficulties, these recommended locations promise a fruitful farming experience.

Best Areas to Farm on Normal Difficulty (Level 7-40)

Farming in Normal difficulty may not be as integral to progression, but strategic choices can significantly impact your gear collection. Act by act, we'll explore prime locations for farming that set the foundation for your character's journey.

The Pits Level 2 emerges as a standout choice for weapon farming, offering a quick accumulation of diverse weapon drops. Meanwhile, the Barracks, specializing in armor pieces of Sigon's set, becomes the go-to for those seeking robust defensive gear. For a swift and rewarding gear gathering experience, the Secret Cow Level proves its worth.

As we transition to Act 2, Sewer Level 1 takes the spotlight, providing an abundance of gears and shields. While other areas in Act 2 on Normal difficulty yield minimal gear, the Swampy Pits in Act 3 stand out as a lucrative spot to acquire M'avina's Gear Set.

Best Areas to Farm on Nightmare Difficulty (Level 40-70)

Nightmare difficulty marks a significant shift in the farming landscape, introducing stronger attacks and more varied gear drops. In this phase, strategic farming becomes paramount for acquiring items essential to specific character builds.

Once again, The Pits, encompassing Level 1 and Level 2, retains its prominence as a cornerstone farming area in Nightmare difficulty. The Mausoleum and The Crypt unlock access to the coveted Immortal King's Set, catering to those in pursuit of powerful gear. Den of Evil stands out for farming different weapons, offering versatility in your arsenal.

Sewers, spanning all levels, present an opportunity to acquire a plethora of weapons such as Blade of Ali Baba, Warlord's Trust, and The Vile Husk. Tal Rasha's Tomb emerges as a valuable point for farming weapons, adding a strategic layer to your gear acquisition journey.

Best Farming Areas in Hell Difficulty (Level 80-85)

Hell Difficulty elevates the intensity of farming, demanding a more strategic approach to address escalating challenges. The following locations serve as the battlegrounds for acquiring top-tier gear in this demanding setting.

Initiate your Hell Difficulty farming journey in The Mausoleum, where the pursuit of essential gear gains momentum. The Burial Grounds emerges as a hotspot for a diverse range of weapons, catering to the needs of players seeking versatile options. The Pits, once again, remains a reliable source for quality gear even in the unforgiving Hell Difficulty.

Sewers Level 2 emerges as the pinnacle of item farming, offering coveted items like Steel Carapace and The Cranium Crusher. Tal Rasha's Tomb in Act 2 becomes a focal point for those in search of formidable weapons to tackle the challenges that Hell Difficulty presents.

As you progress through Acts 3 and 4, Ruined Fane, Ruined Temple, and Flayer Dungeon Level 3 emerge as prime farming spots, albeit with an anticipation of recurring items. Act 4's River of Flame and Chaos Sanctum stand out as optimal areas to farm for Hell Difficulty gear.


In the dynamic world of Diablo 2 Resurrected, strategic farming is the key to unlocking the best gear for your character. Whether you're navigating Normal, Nightmare, or Hell difficulties, these carefully selected farming areas promise a rewarding journey, ensuring you are well-equipped to face the trials that lie ahead. For more insights and ways to improve your farming efficiency, choose to Buy D2R Items on RPGStash and consider exploring our comprehensive farming tips guide. Enhance your Diablo 2: Resurrection experience by strategically acquiring gear from these recommended locations.


As the eagerly anticipated Wrath of the Lich King Classic makes its return to World of Warcraft, players, both returning and new, may find themselves in need of a comprehensive guide to navigate the intricacies of the game. From Class Guides to Tier Lists and Farming Routes, this guide aims to provide a wealth of information for players seeking to optimize their gameplay.

WOTLK Classic Resurgence

After meticulous planning and optimization, Blizzard Entertainment has revived the beloved Wrath of the Lich King expansion, offering players a chance to relive the nostalgia of the 2008 classic. With a commitment to inclusivity, this iteration caters to players of all types, from casual to hardcore enthusiasts. Widely regarded as one of the best World of Warcraft expansions, WOTLK Classic presents a golden opportunity for both new and veteran players alike.

WOTLK Classic Success

Building on the success of Vanilla Classic WoW and Burning Crusade Classic, it is anticipated that Wrath of the Lich King Classic will surpass both in popularity. For many World of Warcraft fans, WoW Classic WotLK Gold holds a special place as it may have been their first foray into the WoW universe. Let's delve into a comprehensive guide to WOTLK Classic crafted by the renowned World of Warcraft game service provider,!

Tier Lists

A Crucial MMORPG Element. In the realm of MMORPGs, particularly influential ones like Wrath of the Lich King, Tier Lists play a pivotal role in guiding player choices. Recognizing their significance, this guide explores in-depth Tier Lists covering the entire spectrum of the WOTLK expansion. By understanding and anticipating class behaviors, players can make informed decisions about their character selections for an optimal gaming experience throughout the expansion's lifespan.

Class Overview Guides

Differing from Class Specialization guides, Class Overview Guides offer a holistic view of each class, encompassing various aspects unaffected by specialization. These guides touch on the best races and classes, gems, enchantments, and even consumables. Players can glean insights into class-specific differences in areas such as stat priorities and skill rotations, setting the stage for informed decision-making.

Class Specialization Guides

For those seeking a more detailed understanding of class intricacies, Class Specialization Guides delve into specific aspects such as DPS or tank builds, stat priorities, and skill rotations. With a convenient grid menu for easy navigation, these guides act as a comprehensive resource for players looking to optimize their chosen class.

Best In Slot Gear

To truly dominate in Wrath of the Lich King Classic PVE, acquiring Best In Slot gear is paramount. This section of the guide explores the must-have gear for players aiming for invincibility, ensuring they are well-equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Wotlk Profession Guides

Selecting the right profession in WOTLK is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your leveling speed. This guide provides insights into the best practices at each level, helping players make informed choices for a faster and more efficient leveling experience.


For those venturing into the world of Wrath of the Lich King Classic, this comprehensive guide serves as an invaluable resource. Whether you're seeking Tier Lists, Class Guides, or insights into Best In Slot gear, has crafted a guide that caters to players of all levels. Stay ahead of the curve, enhance your gameplay, and make the most of your WotlK Classic experience with these expert insights. Additionally, for those looking to Buy WoW Gold, RPGStash offers the best prices, service, and discounts, ensuring you're well-prepared for the adventures that await on any US/EU server.



Embarking on the challenging journey through Tombs of Amascut, also known as Raids 3, demands strategic gear choices for success. Magic staves play a crucial role in unleashing potent spells against formidable foes. Whether you're on a budget or aiming for premium options, here's a comprehensive guide to the best magic staves in Old School RuneScape for maximizing OSRS GP and rewards.

Complementary Magic Gear

Before diving into staves, it's essential to complement your magic setup. Opt for the Ahrim set or the luxurious Ancestral set paired with a Serpentine Helm or a Netiznot Faceguard. Acquiring the imbued god cape from the Mage Arena 2 and accessories like Occult Necklace, Amulet of Blood Fury, Amulet of Fury, Tormented Bracelet, and Ring of choice (imbued Seers’ ring, brimstone ring, or the coveted Lightbearer from Tombs of Amascut) will enhance your magical prowess.

Offhand considerations include the Elidinis Ward or its upgraded version, the Arcane Sigil variant, for those seeking top-tier performance.

Trident of the Sea

Starting with an economical choice, the Trident of the Sea is a reliable option. Obtainable from the Kraken slayer boss or the Grand Exchange, this staff, when charged, offers a max hit of 36 at level 123 magical level within Tombs of Amascut. Ideal for budget-conscious players, it provides a cost-effective solution for the raid.

Trident of the Swamp

An upgraded version of the Trident of the Sea, the Trident of the Swamp, or Toxic Trident, incorporates a magic fang from Zulrah. With a 1 in 4 chance to envenom, it synergizes well with the Serpentine Helm. Although bosses in Raids 3 are immune to venom, its max hit of 39 at level 123 makes it a compelling choice for increased damage output.

Sanguinesti Staff

For those willing to invest, the Sanguinesti Staff from the Theatre of Blood offers a powerful option. Priced at almost 100m OSRS GP, it requires level 82 magic to wield. The staff's passive ability, restoring HP throughout the raid, proves invaluable for sustaining health. This premium choice becomes essential when opting for invocations that limit consumable usage, making it a worthwhile investment for players committed to completing the raid efficiently.

Shadow of Tumeken

The pinnacle of magic staves, the Shadow of Tumeken, stands as the most coveted and powerful weapon for Tombs of Amascut. With a staggering price tag close to 2 billion OSRS GP, it boasts an attack range of 8, requiring level 85 magic to wield. Beyond its impressive stats, the passive effect enhances all other magic attack bonuses, elevating its status as the Best in Slot (BIS) weapon. While its cost may be prohibitive for many players, the desire for this rare drop remains high due to its unparalleled performance.


Choosing the right magic stave for Tombs of Amascut is crucial for maximizing your chances of success and reaping lucrative rewards. Whether opting for budget-friendly alternatives or investing in premium choices, each staff brings its unique advantages to the table. Tailor your gear to suit your playstyle and financial capacity, and venture into Raids 3 prepared to conquer the challenges that await.

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Embarking on the endgame journey of Tainted Grail: Conquest unveils a labyrinth of intricacies, with the game's eight fundamental currencies playing a pivotal role in achieving mastery. Efficient farming is not just about gathering resources; it's a strategic dance that transforms each run into a resource-rich powerhouse. For those aspiring to navigate this complex terrain with finesse, here's an in-depth exploration to shape you into a seasoned farming maestro.

Wealth: Unleashing the Potential

Wealth, often perceived as transient, serves as the gateway to permanent currencies. The key lies in navigating each section comprehensively and investing in the wealth gain upgrade from the Seamstress. The game rewards those who engage in full clears, with defeated enemy units emerging as lucrative wealth sources. These hard-earned POE Orbs become the backbone for acquiring essential items that, in turn, transform into permanent currencies, establishing wealth as a cornerstone for strategic progression.

Runestone Dust: Merging Runes for Power

The complex yet rewarding system of merging runes stands as a testament to the depth of Tainted Grail: Conquest. Acquiring runestones strategically and merging them before the final encounter unlocks a cascade of runestone dust. The higher the quality of the runes, the more substantial the contribution to this valuable resource. It's not just about collecting runes; it's a meticulous dance of preparation, emphasizing the fusion of mystical elements to enhance your arsenal and capabilities.

Tallow: Illuminating the Path with Wyrdcandles

Tallow, often overshadowed, emerges as a vital currency through strategic acquisition of Wyrdcandles. Prioritizing the purchase and subsequent upgrading of these candles at the candlemaker proves instrumental. Each leftover Wyrdcandle automatically transforms into tallow, emphasizing the importance of a careful balance. Managing the candle meter becomes an art, avoiding unnecessary wastage and ensuring optimal utilization of this often-overlooked currency.

Golden Tokens: Wealth Management Mastery

Golden tokens, derived from wealth, represent a delicate dance in wealth management. Exercising restraint in wealth expenditure and accumulating tokens for every one-hundred wealth forms the crux of this strategic endeavor. The careful balance between spending and accumulation ensures a steady influx of golden tokens, providing a valuable resource that can be strategically deployed without compromising other essential currencies.

Wyrdstones: Maximizing Opportunities

Optimal Wyrdstone acquisition involves not just defeating enemies but opting for full clears in each section. Interacting with NPCs offering Wyrdstones post-quest completion becomes a secondary avenue to enhance your currency pool. The completionist's approach of running up the score by increasing difficulty ensures that Wyrdstones, essential for engaging with the lost soul, become a plentiful resource in your strategic arsenal.

Blood: The Essence of Aggressive Combat

Blood, the most straightforward currency, demands a relentless commitment to aggressive combat. Engaging in optional battles, particularly those yielding blood instead of wealth or Wyrdstones, becomes a strategic avenue. Beyond its straightforward nature, blood becomes a high-demand resource, emphasizing the need for early focus to ensure a robust foundation for later runs.

Card Shreds: Strategic Deck Management

Card shreds, often misunderstood, represent a unique currency obtained through strategic card deck management. Choosing characters with minimal card requirements and strategically passing up card upgrades during level-ups ensures a seamless accumulation of this valuable currency. Refraining from unnecessary rerolls becomes a tactical decision, aligning with the philosophy that sometimes, less is more.

Journal Pages: Unveiling the Game's Lore

Journal pages, while not a conventional currency, unlock the doors to universal assistance by exchanging for any other listed currency. Focusing on quests and discovering new elements within the game world becomes a strategic imperative. Completing missions not only becomes automatic but takes on additional significance as each quest contributes to unlocking journal pages. Every encounter, enemy, ability, and card yields these pages, encouraging a diverse and exploration-focused approach for currency farming.

In mastering the intricate art of currency farming in Tainted Grail: Conquest, it's not just about gathering resources; it's about embracing a holistic and strategic approach that unlocks the full potential of your in-game wealth.

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Coven skins have always been a fan favorite in League of Legends, offering a unique and stylish take on champion aesthetics as high fashion witch queens. The creative minds at Riot Games drew inspiration from various sources, including The Witch, Game of Thrones, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne, to craft this captivating thematic. The name "Coven" itself evokes the image of a gathering of powerful witches.

Introduced to League of Legends in 2018, the Coven skins were an instant hit. In 2021, more champions joined the ranks of this extraordinary skin line. Now, rumors and leaks are swirling, suggesting that the Coven family is set to expand in 2023. A LoL Smurf Accounts can help you have the ideal skin to enjoy the game.

Here's the latest on the 2023 Coven skins, based on leaks and speculations:

Coven Skins 2023: Speculated Champion Lineup

According to the grapevine, a total of seven new champions are rumored to be gracing the 2023 Coven skins collection in League of Legends. Esteemed data miner and leaker, Big Bad Bear, has dropped some hints on who might be donning the Coven attire:

  1. Coven Syndra
  2. Coven Nami
  3. Coven Elise
  4. Coven Nilah
  5. Coven Akali
  6. Coven Renata Glasc
  7. Coven Mordekaiser

Rumors are also swirling about a Legendary skin from the 2023 Coven collection, and it's believed to be bestowed upon either Syndra or Nami. Please note that some of these skins, like the one for Mordekaiser, could potentially fit into the Old God or Eclipse skin themes, as they haven't been officially confirmed yet.

The Eclipse is a series of alternate universe skins that depict champions as monastic knights, forest inhabitants, wicked witches, and ancient deities. It comprises four distinct skin lines: General Eclipse, Coven, Death Blossom, and Elderwood.

Intriguingly, Big Bad Bear has hinted at the possibility of Coven exclusives making their way to Legends of Runeterra and Wild Rift as well.

For Wild Rift, leaks suggest that Coven Zyra and Coven Evelynn, both classic skins in the League PC version, could be headed to the mobile version. Meanwhile, Legends of Runeterra players might see Nilah adorned in a Coven skin for the card game. The exclusive skin for LoR, not available in League PC, is rumored to be Coven Janna.

While the Coven skins first made their debut in 2018, their roster expanded significantly in 2021. The following champions already boast Coven skins in the game:

  1. Ashe
  2. Evelynn
  3. Ahri
  4. Cassiopeia
  5. Warwick
  6. Malphite
  7. Camille
  8. LeBlanc
  9. Morgana
  10. Zyra
  11. Lissandra

Warwick and Malphite marked the first male champions to join this elegant lineup, and if the leaks hold true, Mordekaiser will be the third.

The details of an in-game event for the release of the 2023 Coven skins remain uncertain. However, with the skins anticipated to arrive in LoL Patch 13.19, players can expect official updates from Riot Games in the near future.

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As snow blankets the land and the Northern Lights paint the sky, New World players are in for a treat with the Winter Fusion Festival. The festival brings the enigmatic snowman, Winter Wanderer, into the world, but beware – the wicked Winter Soldier and his forces seek to plunge the world into eternal winter. Ice caves and formidable Yeti foes have emerged, challenging players. Yet, the event offers new activities such as retrieving lost gifts and enhancing the Tree of Light through town projects. And if you're looking to acquire New World Gold, you're in the right place.

Fusion Shop Reputation

Winter Wanderer's Fusion Shop offers a range of event items, obtainable in exchange for Winter Tokens. However, many items are initially locked behind reputation levels, much like the faction reputation system in New World. Let's explore how you can improve your Fusion Shop reputation and even earn event reputation points.

Unlocking Shop Levels

The Wanderer Shop has five levels during the Winter Festival, each unlocking more items for sale. Here are the levels and their requirements:

  1. Revelers - Starting point for everyone.
  2. Master of Ceremonies - Requires 1,000 Reputation.
  3. Merrymaker - Requires 3,000 Reputation.
  4. Joybringer - Requires 6,000 Reputation.
  5. Holiday Regent - Requires 10,000 Reputation.
Winter Fusion Festival Events

To advance in the Wanderer's Shop rankings, players must engage in three available activities that grant unique rewards and reputation points. These activities can be repeated as often as you like, and daily tasks can also provide reputation boosts.

1. Lost Gift Recovery:

Easily accessible, this event tasks players with recovering lost gifts scattered throughout the Eternal Lands. The story suggests that the Cold Clan has been swiping gifts, some of which are left on the ground. By collecting and delivering these gifts to holiday cabins in the winter villages, you'll earn Winter Tokens and 5 reputation points for each recovered gift. This method is great for accumulating reputation points rapidly.

2. Amethyst Collection:

Occurring only at night, meteorites rain down from the sky. These dynamic events allow players to harvest valuable minerals from the meteors and search for smaller chunks in the impact area. You can exchange the obtained Gleamite for more tokens and reputation at the Holiday Cabin.

3. Fusion Spirit:

During the Winter Fusion Festival, players can join a unique town project accessible in any settlement. As a group effort, you can complete quests to upgrade your settlement's Tree of Light. Enhancing the tree will improve daily gifts, obtainable from the tree, and they reward both reputation and tokens. Additionally, players at level 60 can acquire Diamond Gypsum during the first three interactions with Diamond Gypsum, which can be utilized to craft Gypsum Balls, valuable items that boost expertise on specific items.

Potential Reputation Farming Methods

For those looking to maximize their ranking in the Winter Walker Store during this limited-time event, the quickest method seems to revolve around lost gift recovery. These gifts are scattered all over the map, and players gain 5 Reputation Points for each one they retrieve. Given the constant availability of gifts, players can accumulate a substantial amount of reputation, unlike Gleamite events that only occur at night and specific locations.

Another daily task is to visit each winter village. Winter Wanderer places one gift in each location, known as the "Gift Bag of Plenty," which you can obtain once daily. Each Daily Gift adds a hefty 125 Reputation Points to your tally, making it possible to earn 500 Reputation Points daily if you collect all four gifts.


The Winter Fusion Festival in New World brings an array of exciting activities to participate in and items to acquire through Winter Tokens. By focusing on reputation-boosting activities like lost gift recovery and daily visits to winter villages, you can quickly progress through the Wanderer's Shop rankings. So, whether you're seeking New World Gold or want to buy Cheap New World Gold, these methods will help you on your journey to becoming a Holiday Regent.

If you're a Pet Simulator X enthusiast, you know that obtaining powerful pets is essential for your success in the game. While you can always buy pets from the Exclusive Shop, expanding your pet collection through in-game currency robux top up is a rewarding option. To take your pet trading to the next level, you'll want to explore the Trading Plaza. In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about it.

Where to Find the Trading Plaza?

To access the Trading Plaza, make your way to the Spawn World and head to the Shop section. Go upstairs and look for two doors at the back. Choose the right-hand door. It's important to note that the Trading Plaza is initially locked, and you'll need to invest 1 million Diamonds to permanently unlock it.

Selling Pets in the Trading Plaza

To sell your pets, you first need to claim a booth within the Trading Plaza. Once inside, you'll find numerous shop booths already taken by other players. Search for an available booth and make it yours. Customize your booth, and most importantly, set the prices for your pets. Interact with your booth, and you'll see an option with a plus icon, allowing you to select your pet and determine its price in Diamonds. After you're done, your pet will be displayed on your booth screen.

Interested players can interact with your booth and purchase your pets. It's advisable to check out other booths in the area and adjust your prices to increase your chances of selling your pets at a profit. You can sell pets of any rarity or quality at your booth.

If you're looking for a specific pet, step onto the round platform in the center of the Trading Plaza, and you'll see a list of all available pets on your screen. Here, you can search for the pet you desire and check if anyone has listed it in their booth.

Utilizing the Auction House

Besides offering your pets at your booth, there's another option for buying and selling pets: the Auction House. To list your pet in the Auction House, interact with the massive auction board atop the Plaza. Click on "List Pet," and you'll see a full list of your available pets. However, keep in mind that only Titanic and Huge pets can be auctioned. Choose the eligible pet and set the starting bid, with a minimum of 100 million Diamonds.

If you're interested in buying a pet from the Auction House, select the "Place Bid" option and submit your bid. The player offering the highest amount before the auction timer runs out will secure the pet.

More to Do in the Trading Plaza

Apart from trading activities, the Trading Plaza offers opportunities to upgrade both your character and your pets. All the upgrade buildings from different worlds are conveniently located in one place, saving you time and travel. You can even access the reward chest in the Spawn World via the Trading Plaza.


Mastering the Trading Plaza in Pet Simulator X will elevate your pet trading game. Whether you're buying, selling, or upgrading your pets and character, the Plaza is the place to be for pet enthusiasts. If you don’t want to spend too much time in the square, then you can try to buy Cheap Roblox Items directly from, RPGStash sells any Roblox Items, buying Pet Simulator It’s now easy to get your ideal pet. Happy Trading!