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Navigating the vast world of Diablo 2 Resurrected's farming areas can be a daunting task, given the plethora of well-known locations spread across different Acts and difficulty levels. This guide aims to streamline your farming experience by categorizing the best areas based on their respective levels and difficulty settings.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Farming Areas by Level

Carefully curated based on their ability to yield a diverse range of gear, these locations stand out for their ease of use in farming. The selection process prioritizes areas with comparably weaker hordes, featuring Unique and Super monsters that enhance the chances of obtaining superior gear.

In the sections that follow, we'll delve into the optimal farming areas for each difficulty level, ensuring that your D2R Items collection aligns seamlessly with your character's progression. From Normal to Nightmare and Hell difficulties, these recommended locations promise a fruitful farming experience.

Best Areas to Farm on Normal Difficulty (Level 7-40)

Farming in Normal difficulty may not be as integral to progression, but strategic choices can significantly impact your gear collection. Act by act, we'll explore prime locations for farming that set the foundation for your character's journey.

The Pits Level 2 emerges as a standout choice for weapon farming, offering a quick accumulation of diverse weapon drops. Meanwhile, the Barracks, specializing in armor pieces of Sigon's set, becomes the go-to for those seeking robust defensive gear. For a swift and rewarding gear gathering experience, the Secret Cow Level proves its worth.

As we transition to Act 2, Sewer Level 1 takes the spotlight, providing an abundance of gears and shields. While other areas in Act 2 on Normal difficulty yield minimal gear, the Swampy Pits in Act 3 stand out as a lucrative spot to acquire M'avina's Gear Set.

Best Areas to Farm on Nightmare Difficulty (Level 40-70)

Nightmare difficulty marks a significant shift in the farming landscape, introducing stronger attacks and more varied gear drops. In this phase, strategic farming becomes paramount for acquiring items essential to specific character builds.

Once again, The Pits, encompassing Level 1 and Level 2, retains its prominence as a cornerstone farming area in Nightmare difficulty. The Mausoleum and The Crypt unlock access to the coveted Immortal King's Set, catering to those in pursuit of powerful gear. Den of Evil stands out for farming different weapons, offering versatility in your arsenal.

Sewers, spanning all levels, present an opportunity to acquire a plethora of weapons such as Blade of Ali Baba, Warlord's Trust, and The Vile Husk. Tal Rasha's Tomb emerges as a valuable point for farming weapons, adding a strategic layer to your gear acquisition journey.

Best Farming Areas in Hell Difficulty (Level 80-85)

Hell Difficulty elevates the intensity of farming, demanding a more strategic approach to address escalating challenges. The following locations serve as the battlegrounds for acquiring top-tier gear in this demanding setting.

Initiate your Hell Difficulty farming journey in The Mausoleum, where the pursuit of essential gear gains momentum. The Burial Grounds emerges as a hotspot for a diverse range of weapons, catering to the needs of players seeking versatile options. The Pits, once again, remains a reliable source for quality gear even in the unforgiving Hell Difficulty.

Sewers Level 2 emerges as the pinnacle of item farming, offering coveted items like Steel Carapace and The Cranium Crusher. Tal Rasha's Tomb in Act 2 becomes a focal point for those in search of formidable weapons to tackle the challenges that Hell Difficulty presents.

As you progress through Acts 3 and 4, Ruined Fane, Ruined Temple, and Flayer Dungeon Level 3 emerge as prime farming spots, albeit with an anticipation of recurring items. Act 4's River of Flame and Chaos Sanctum stand out as optimal areas to farm for Hell Difficulty gear.


In the dynamic world of Diablo 2 Resurrected, strategic farming is the key to unlocking the best gear for your character. Whether you're navigating Normal, Nightmare, or Hell difficulties, these carefully selected farming areas promise a rewarding journey, ensuring you are well-equipped to face the trials that lie ahead. For more insights and ways to improve your farming efficiency, choose to Buy D2R Items on RPGStash and consider exploring our comprehensive farming tips guide. Enhance your Diablo 2: Resurrection experience by strategically acquiring gear from these recommended locations.

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