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League of Legends is a classic game with a large player base, and many players have been active since the early 2010s. These accounts hold great value as they possess all the super rare championship skins and icons, representing the history of victories, defeats, and achievements over the years. The account's ranking achievements are truly remarkable.

How much is your League of Legends account worth?

To determine the value of your LoL Smurf Accounts, several key factors need to be considered. These include your account level, the number of unlocked skins and champions, your current ranking (even if it's a secret level like Bronze), the server you are connected to, and the in-game currency you possess.

What determines the value of a LoL account?

There are many factors that influence the value of a League of Legends account, but five key indicators play a major role: account level, number of champions and skins, ranking, linked server, and in-game currency. These factors carry different weightings depending on the preferences of potential buyers, but all of them are significant.

1. Account Level:

Account level is a straightforward factor – the higher your League of Legends account level, the more valuable it becomes. Buyers prefer accounts with higher levels to avoid the grind, which can increase the price by $10 to $20.

2. Champions/Skins Quantity:

Champions are a core indicator for account sales, as players want access to as many opportunities as possible. With nearly 170 champions available, the closer you are to owning them all, the higher the value of your account.

The same goes for any League of Legends skins you own – the more skins you have, the more valuable your account becomes. Some skins are extremely rare and hard to obtain, adding an extra layer of value.

3. Valuable Skins:

Certain skins are more valuable than others, particularly competitive skins like Victorious skins and rare skins such as Silver Kayle, Young Ryze, Black Alistar, and more. Owning these skins can significantly boost your account's value.

4. Ranking:

Your personal ranking on the competitive ladder matters. Accounts with higher ranks, such as Platinum, Diamond, or even Challenger, are more desirable and can command higher prices.

5. Linked Server:

The server you are connected to also affects your account's value. Servers with larger and more active player bases, like North America, Europe West, and Korea, generally have higher account values.

6. In-Game Currency:

Blue Essence and Riot Points are two types of in-game currency used to purchase heroes, rune pages, enhance mastery levels, collect skins, and more. Having a substantial amount of these currencies increases your account's value.

How much is a League of Legends account worth?

Considering all these factors, it's evident that the value of each League of Legends account will vary due to the multitude of elements to consider. If you're seeking an exact figure, platforms like RPGStash offer an Account Store that can help you accurately determine the value of your League of Legends account.

Furthermore, if you're a casual player with limited time to invest, you can consider Buy LoL Smurf Accounts from to enjoy the game without the grind. And if you're an experienced player looking to relive the new player experience, you can buy LoL Unranked Accounts to play alongside newcomers.

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