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Amazon New World is an exciting adventure exploration game where all materials serve a purpose at different stages of the game. Even seemingly unremarkable resources like sandstone can become essential in crafting valuable items, such as Rune Glass Gems. In this guide, we'll help you locate sandstone in the New World and explain how to harvest it effectively.

Finding Sandstone

Just like any other material in New World, you can only find sandstone in specific regions. However, there are some prerequisites you need to meet before accessing it. First, you must upgrade your mining skill to at least level 105, which may take time, so it's wise to start leveling up your skills early in the game. Additionally, you need to complete two crucial tasks:

"Selfless Nature" main quest in Edengrove.

"Sand Walkers" quest.

Once you've fulfilled these requirements, you can head to the Sulfur Sands biome to find sandstone. This area is quite vast, and sandstone nodes are not scattered everywhere. To efficiently harvest sandstone, we recommend visiting the following locations:

Castrum Victualis: You'll find sandstone nodes to the southwest and north of Castrum Victualis as you venture west from Windsward. There are numerous ore deposits waiting to be mined!

Jupiter's Grove and The Great Cleave: Both regions have plenty of sandstone nodes nearby. Focus on the north of Grove and make your way towards Nekropolis.

Ta-Bitjet's Bed: For a more adventurous option with convenient access, central parts of this area contain sandstone. Additionally, you can find some extra nodes by exploring the northern section.

Oasis Spontanea: Sandstone is scattered throughout this region. Venture to Nekhbet Palace, Arit-en-Geb, or Anhur's Pride to find an abundance of sandstone nodes.

Heru Plaza: While not the most convenient location, it can be helpful if you're in the area and need additional resources. There are extra nodes to mine in the eastern part of the plaza. As you head towards Snake's Mouth, you'll discover more sandstone.

Harvesting and Crafting

Once you've gathered some sandstone, you can begin crafting with it. Sandstone serves various purposes in crafting, but its primary use is as a base material for creating Electrum Sand. With some further crafting, you'll be able to create valuable Rune Glass Gems.


In Amazon New World, sandstone might appear insignificant at first, but it plays a crucial role in crafting high-value items like Rune Glass Gems. By meeting the prerequisites and venturing into the Sulfur Sands biome, you can successfully collect sandstone to aid you on your adventures. For more information about the game, you can visit RPGStash and Buy New World Coins. Happy exploring and crafting!

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