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For the past 17 years, the night elves in World of Warcraft have been engaged in a silent competition about who can get the longest continuous front flip chain.

Recently, this recorded data is 16 times. But a host of World of Warcraft, SingActDirect broke the old record with 17 consecutive jumps. This is also suitable as a gift for the 17th anniversary of World of Warcraft.

Night elves, blood elves and WOW TBC Gold werewolves in World of Warcraft have a 20% chance of performing a special jumping animation every time the player jumps.

Since the night elves have been in World of Warcraft from the beginning, this also means that their front flip competition takes longer than the blood elves spin or the werewolf back flips, the latter joining later.

SingActDirect was filmed and edited in the Dagger Mountain area of ​​the Westfall in the World of Warcraft Classic. The 18th-level druid of SingActDirect started her jumping spree on a small hill. After she completed 17 consecutive jumps, she began to look around to see if anyone noticed them.

Since each jump occurs for the first time, the probability of reoccurring is 20%. The probability of doing so is many, so scientific notation is needed to express it.

The previous night elf jump record holder, he made only 16 jumps during the animation of the battle between Icecrown Citadel and the Lich King in 2020. Before that, the highest record was 15. Many people started to discuss this topic and claimed that the number of jumps they could achieve reached 19 times. But the player has no video proof, so SingActDirect maintains the highest peak.

For fans in World of Warcraft, absurd challenges and lucky milestones are always loved by them.

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As New World was plagued by the golden loophole again, they chose to rewind the time to eliminate the confusion this time.

For players who use loopholes to obtain New World Gold, they are very happy. However, this has had a lot of impact on the market economy in New World, and it has also ignored the fruits of other players' labor. However, after New World made relevant compensation, the game itself accidentally sent a large number of coins to some players.

Since the release of New World in September, although it has gained extremely high popularity. However, it seems that some game errors occur every week. These are usually related to the complex economy at the beginning of the game and the cunning players who try to profit from improper ways. However, this time the error was entirely caused by the publisher himself. Players on the EU server found that they had received quite a generous 300,000 gold coins.

A developer named Lane told players what was wrong in a statement posted to the New World website. The problem started when the game team tried to make up for lost taxes for players who had previously faced downtime, but the database changes granted a very large amount. Instead of the expected amount. Many players choose to use this money to purchase a large number of items from trading stations. This seems reasonable.

However, the economy of the new world is very fragile. They don't want the squandering shopping behavior to affect their land, so the game team chose to take the server offline and roll back the game time.

Since there is no very clean way to only reverse the players who get the coins, and the chain effect afterwards is also common, involving more players and systems. Therefore, the game team decided to roll back the guild and trading station before the implementation of the database modification.

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The FIFA 22 Black Friday promotion has begun, and EA Sports has packaged and released the best TOTW Team1 in the game.

Prior to this, EA Sports has revealed that the FIFA 22 Black Friday will be held at two o'clock in the afternoon on Friday, November 26, 2021. However, after they released the new FUT loading FUT 22 Coins screen, they announced that Pre-Black Friday will start at 6pm GMT on Thursday, November 25, 2021.

EA Sports used this as part of pre-Black Friday and released a "Best Of" TOTW Team 1.

This team has some high-rated and high-value FUT 22 projects, including team forward Kylian Mbappe from Paris-Germain and forward Mohamed Salah from Liverpool.

Black Friday has been a regular FUT promotional event since FIFA 15. Players can usually see various promotional packages, flash SBCs, special player items and the release of'Best Of' TOTW in this event. EA released a brand new Record Breakers promo in FIFA 21 as part of the promotion.

In addition, if the leak is credible, EA Sports may launch another brand new promotion for Black Friday in FIFA 22. Because there are already many social media account reports, a promotion called Signature Signings will be held.

For the arrival of Black Friday, there have been many game developers who have offered various rewards to their players. This is a very suitable time to spend for players who are willing to spend money and enjoy a better game experience.

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Blizzard announced some important news about Diablo 2 Resurrected in the last few days. The game currently supports multi-platform login.

First, the game team intends to withdraw from a server in the public testing domain for game users to test future patches in advance. The release of this PTR is the content that developers want to implement for them to get various feedback from D2R Items players, which may allow the team to avoid major problems when the game is officially released. However, we still do not know the exact release date. According to Blizzard’s brief press release, they only said that it might be in the next few weeks.

In addition, regarding the next 2.3 patch, we may see its release in early December. This update will have some minor adjustments, such as some improvements to the in-game chat, and adding support for NVIDIA DLSS, and there will be a new button that forces the character to move.

Above the experience bar, a convenient active skill binding bar will also be added. Through this skill bar, players will be able to use the mouse and keyboard to quickly select and acquire skills. We can assign up to 16 skills to the left and right mouse buttons.

In addition, there is a new option to cast skills quickly. This option allows us to cast skills simply by pressing the icon on the skill binding bar. If you don't want to activate the active skill binding bar or fast cast spells, you can also disable them from the menu.

The patch will also introduce the option of offline zoom, which already exists in the original version of Diablo 2 Resurrected, but it will also be added to the console. Through this option, players will be able to experience the feeling of up to 8 players being accompanied by the side in the game, even if they were exploring the map alone at the time. This option allows players to adjust the number and parameters of enemies, as well as rewards. However, it should be noted that after changing the parameters, restarting the game will take effect.

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World of Warcraft, everyone usually calls it WoW, it is an MMORPG game released in 2004. And since its release, it has occupied a dominant position in the market. It is one of the most popular video games ever developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Although the game has a history of 17 years, the game is still providing players with new content and expansion packs. Its latest version, Shadowlands, was released in 2020. However, although frequent updates will bring a lot of freshness to players, it will also lead to more problems.

Moreover, there is a problem that has prevented WOW players from enjoying the game anymore. According to recent user reports, the Mac version of the launcher is constantly updating WoW, leaving players in an endless update cycle.

Moreover, every time a player tries to update the game, he will receive an error message saying "Please log in as an administrator and try again." Moreover, solutions such as reinstalling the application, running the game or launcher as an WOW TBC Gold administrator, or restarting the PC seem to be unable to solve this problem.

At the same time, the occurrence of this problem is universal, and all versions of macOS have been affected. The players are frustrated because they cannot play the game.

However, Blizzard shared a workaround, and according to reports, this workaround does solve some problems for Mac players affected by the update cycle.

In addition, Blizzard’s developers have also acknowledged the problem, and they said they are working hard to fix the problem, and the fix will be released in an upcoming update. However, we do not yet know the exact time of the update.

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New World added new weapons, new enemy types and other new content in the 1.1 update last week.

However, shortly after this update went live, players Buy New World Coins began to discuss the new adjustments and changes. Some of them worried that this update would make the honing process of single players more difficult. Amazon Games has released a new development blog in this regard, providing you with some background information about the final game changes.

Developer Berserker Mike explained on the game forum that they recently made adjustments to the elite POI in the endgame area, and they also know that they did not provide appropriate text to explain why they made these changes. Their goal is to allow players to travel to various areas to make materials and equipment. At the same time, after having new equipment, they hope that players can accept new challenges.

The developer added that the game team has a multifaceted vision for the endgame, including 60+ Corrupted breaches, Outpost Rush and Wars, Invasions and Arenas, 60+ Elite POIs and named creatures, and Expeditions, and more new ones will be added in the future.The idea of the team is to encourage players to participate in various activities.

Some players may feel frustrated with this endgame recently, but the good news is that the developers are actively studying the balance of endgame activities and rewards, so we will see new adjustments soon. For example, the game New World Coins team is monitoring the creation and use of spheres in the expedition, the instantiation of New World, and the five-person dungeon. It seems that some changes related to this are in the brewing stage.

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The 87-level Squad Foundations version of David Neres from Ajax was added to FIFA 22 through EA Sports. Players can get it through the SBC menu in the game.

This is also Neres' first special card. Squad Foundations items help players strengthen their team by filling the gaps in key positions in different leagues. He is a person released in FIFA 22. EA Sports has greatly Buy FUT 22 Coins improved all of Neres' skills, including his passing, physical, defense, speed, shooting and dribbling attributes. Players will find these changes if they compare this card with his level 79 gold card.

Moreover, he still has five-star skills and three-star weak feet. Players can further improve his shooting, physical stamina and speed by using the eagle chemical style. This can make his Pace reach 97 points, while shotting reaches 90, which is a crucial improvement for his position.

On the Playstation, the SBC is expected to cost about 203,850 coins, and the cost on the Xbox is 220,150. The cost on the PC is the most, with about 218,800 coins. We currently have two months to complete this SBC. We need to build a Brazilian team and another top team.

The first formation plan requires an 85-level team with at least 70 chemical reactions and at least one player from Brazil. After completing the team building, players will get a major electronic player package.

The second requires players to form an 86-level team, which includes at least 65 chemical reactions and a TOTW card. After completing the configuration of this squad, FIFA 22 Coins players will get a rare electronic player pack.

The above is how to complete Squad Foundations Neres SBC, thank you for browsing.

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No matter which class or version players play in Diablo 2 Resurrected, there is one item they always need, and that is the Hellfire Torch. However, this is somewhat difficult to achieve. The following will explain to you why it is so powerful and how to maintain it.

The Hellfire Torch is a very popular item in Diablo 2. It can strengthen the 7 professions of the Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale game and is considered one of the best items ever. However, the premise is to reach level 75.

Players don't even need to wear it, because it exists as a spell. When they are in the player's inventory, the players can enjoy the state of gaining their powerful effects. Everyone regards it as one of the items necessary for the player to construct the character.

Why is the Hellfire Torch such a powerful item? Because it will provide players with powerful attributes and resistance rewards, it also allows players to use the hydra spell. The main reason that makes them particularly powerful items is that they give the player a 5% chance of triggering Firestorm when they are attacked.

Although this ability does not apply to any profession, it acts on the ultimate boss of the base game, which is Diablo. So it is determined that it is powerful. Moreover, in addition to these effects, the Hellfire Torch is also one of the most valuable items that can increase skills.

It can give the player a skill level of +3, but the choice is random, so it may not be consistent with the course the player is playing. Therefore, the strongest Torch is the one corresponding to the player course.

If we want to get the most benefit from the class, then no matter which method we use, the torch is essential for construction. But if we want to obtain it, we must complete a long and arduous task.

So how do we get the Hellfire Torch? We complete the "Pandemonium Event" to get the Hellfire Torch, and finally we need to compete with the Boss.

It does not work the first time it is run, because first we need to reach the "Hell" difficulty level. We need to farm the keys and complete some copies.

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The European Burning Crusade server of WOW Classic will undergo major changes from November 17th, and the free role transfer WOW TBC Gold program will be activated from 8pm. The following article will take you to understand which EU servers will be affected and the available target servers.

Generally, MMO servers will inevitably undergo relocation after the hype of the game subsides, such as old home servers that can be played with friends.

Therefore, the person in charge of Blizzard announced that they will carry out a free role transfer in the EU server of WOW Burning Crusade Classic. If you buy this feature, its price is 14.99 euros. The start time is 8pm on November 17, 2021.

According to the content announced by the community manager Kaivax on the WOW EU Forum, what we can know is that players can transfer 15 different EU servers from WOW Burning Crusade Classic to other servers.

The scope of influence of this function is very wide, and many servers are within its scope of influence. The roles of Celebras and Hydraxian Waterlords servers can be transferred to Auberdine, Chromie, Everlook, Pyrewood Village, Razorfen, Pyrewood Village and Razorfen servers for free. There are many servers that allow this function to be implemented.

However, it should be noted that everyone should not turn to Noggenfogger. Because the current population of this server is already very small, it has lost many players in the past two or three weeks. As to whether the role transfer TBC Classic Gold function will alleviate this situation, it still needs further observation to know.

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More than 1,200 players have been permanently banned by Aamzon for using loopholes to copy coins and resources in New World. They have also used similar non-compliant game systems for housing, which has led to economic and trade problems. The item post was cancelled.

As a community manager, Luxendra explained in a blog. He explained that the first New World Coins wave of bans occurred on November 2. The game team estimated that they eliminated more than 80% of the scam coins and coins from New World’s game economy. Item value.

The community manager believes that the remaining illegal items will continue to damage the gaming experience of most players. Because it does not affect the players or the world in an equal way for all players or the world, and it has a more significant impact on players who pursue the final game goals and equipment. It has had an impact on the most dedicated players, and Blizzard is very sorry for this. These people use cheating items to obtain the hard-earned results of other players. This is really frustrating, and it is also a process that harms the economy.

The Amazon gaming team banned another 460 players from using the original transaction or the updated housing vulnerability on November 15. Doing so will be able to delete about 98% of the remaining items and coins in the game. The remaining few deceived items are due to the fact that the player accidentally discovered this problem but did not take more excessive steps, so they will not be banned.

Amazon Games also investigated how the deceived items will ultimately affect the progress of the game, and they found that the highest level of equipment did not increase significantly. We can check the blog post to see all the findings of the game team, although the developers are still checking the list of more detailed items related to house utilization.

Amazon’s recent blog post followed his decision to shut down the New World economy again after another repeated loophole that began to spread over the weekend. This is a new Cheap New World Coins loophole that allows players to copy player items, and as this loophole spreads, the game market has also been affected.

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