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The European Burning Crusade server of WOW Classic will undergo major changes from November 17th, and the free role transfer WOW TBC Gold program will be activated from 8pm. The following article will take you to understand which EU servers will be affected and the available target servers.

Generally, MMO servers will inevitably undergo relocation after the hype of the game subsides, such as old home servers that can be played with friends.

Therefore, the person in charge of Blizzard announced that they will carry out a free role transfer in the EU server of WOW Burning Crusade Classic. If you buy this feature, its price is 14.99 euros. The start time is 8pm on November 17, 2021.

According to the content announced by the community manager Kaivax on the WOW EU Forum, what we can know is that players can transfer 15 different EU servers from WOW Burning Crusade Classic to other servers.

The scope of influence of this function is very wide, and many servers are within its scope of influence. The roles of Celebras and Hydraxian Waterlords servers can be transferred to Auberdine, Chromie, Everlook, Pyrewood Village, Razorfen, Pyrewood Village and Razorfen servers for free. There are many servers that allow this function to be implemented.

However, it should be noted that everyone should not turn to Noggenfogger. Because the current population of this server is already very small, it has lost many players in the past two or three weeks. As to whether the role transfer TBC Classic Gold function will alleviate this situation, it still needs further observation to know.

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