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As New World was plagued by the golden loophole again, they chose to rewind the time to eliminate the confusion this time.

For players who use loopholes to obtain New World Gold, they are very happy. However, this has had a lot of impact on the market economy in New World, and it has also ignored the fruits of other players' labor. However, after New World made relevant compensation, the game itself accidentally sent a large number of coins to some players.

Since the release of New World in September, although it has gained extremely high popularity. However, it seems that some game errors occur every week. These are usually related to the complex economy at the beginning of the game and the cunning players who try to profit from improper ways. However, this time the error was entirely caused by the publisher himself. Players on the EU server found that they had received quite a generous 300,000 gold coins.

A developer named Lane told players what was wrong in a statement posted to the New World website. The problem started when the game team tried to make up for lost taxes for players who had previously faced downtime, but the database changes granted a very large amount. Instead of the expected amount. Many players choose to use this money to purchase a large number of items from trading stations. This seems reasonable.

However, the economy of the new world is very fragile. They don't want the squandering shopping behavior to affect their land, so the game team chose to take the server offline and roll back the game time.

Since there is no very clean way to only reverse the players who get the coins, and the chain effect afterwards is also common, involving more players and systems. Therefore, the game team decided to roll back the guild and trading station before the implementation of the database modification.

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