Path of exile Harvest's seed cache function and precautions from tonghuan's blog

There are three kinds of seeds in the harvest: purple wild seeds, yellow vivid seeds and blue original seeds. They have different characteristics, depending on their variety and grade, the second layer is cereals, the third layer is bulbs, and the fourth layer is fruits.

Whenever the player activates the "seed cache", the seeds will grow, so the best way to grow crops quickly is to visit many different POE Currency to collect the seed cache.

Their job: Harvest fully grown plants nearby. When there are at least 8 mature plants, activate one through the button on the top, which will release the monsters and absorb their vitality when they are killed. There is a convenient button to automatically plant seeds of corresponding colors from the list to the surrounding area. It can accommodate 50 people.

Their role is to transfer vital energy to the surrounding plants and fertilize the surrounding 5x5 grid.

Compilation instructions: These are necessary for any seed of level 2 and above. Check the seeds to see what kind of vitality is needed for a particular variety, because it may be different, and surround the diffuser with a collector of these seeds. If two collectors are built on the same grid line away from the diffuser, the overlap will be 10 spaces. If they are built side by side, the overlap is 18 spaces.

Role: Each tank can hold up to 300 lives. When placed between the collector and the diffuser, this building can be used as a buffer zone. Architectural description: The planting area around the corner is second, so it is a good place to store. Players may need other racks, but this is just to improve efficiency.

Their job is to transfer vital energy from one building to another, up to four square kilometers. They are the pillars of garden facilities, acting as power lines, transferring vitality from collectors to storage to diffusers.

Precautions for buildings: The tower has only 4 squares and can be connected to 4 buildings. Click the button at the top to link one shelf to another shelf, collector, diffuser or Buy Exalted Orb. The correct placement of pylons will control the flow of specific species (wild, vivid or primitive) from one area to another.

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