The Path of Exile-2020 Outlook: Two alliances, Volcano, MacOS and Chest; POE2 beta postponed from tonghuan's blog

The developers of the Path of Exile have an outlook for the future, especially projects still planned for 2020. After Delirium and Harvest, there will be two supplements/leagues in September and December, but POE Currency will change.

Grinding Gear Games: "Our development cycle is usually 13 weeks, during this period, we will release an extension every season. The extension period is March, June, September and December. If we do not adjust the schedule , The September and December extensions will be late in these months. The September extension may be good, but for the December extension, Christmas is nearing danger in order to address the December expansion Potential problems, our plan is to release September 3.12 12 weeks after Harvest expansion, which is much larger than the Harvest alliance, so we are trying to expand must start about a month ago, but we firmly believe that we will be in this time frame It is possible to succeed within. This also means that if all goes well, our December expansion can start early and leave more room before the holidays."

If everything goes according to plan, the Vulkan renderer should be ready to start the next league in September. The renderer is currently in beta testing. Later, a MacOS implementation is planned, which will also rely on Vulkan. Since the Covid 19 pandemic has delayed the schedule, the first Beta test of "Path of Exile 2" will not be conducted this year. It said: "We have been working to complete the league as punctually as possible, which means that the sequel will be delayed."

In addition, the developers talked about the chest cavity more deeply in the criticism: "Some new chests have been released recently. Although they sell well, many people have questioned the future development of our chest. We are working on some QoL We hope to announce the functionality of these lockers after completing the operation, but we think POE Exalted Orb is important now so that the context of the new locker makes sense." You can find information about chest clips, topic assignments and A complete description of future improvements.

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