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Pellet Trap can be reset without getting up from your firing position. When a round target is hit, it locks in the up position. The target can be reset by simply hitting the large square center target. This causes all of the round targets to drop and reset for more shooting.

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Do not use BBS. BBS will rebound and ricochet and can cause permanent injury.

Quote is from A Christmas Story.

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Works well, small trap, so even if you miss & hit the backsplash you'd have to have good aim. Nice portable size for travel. Can bring to a friends: garage / backyard / party / whatever. Easy to tell if you hit the target or the backsplash, because even if the target doesn't get pushed up all the way (example - hit side of target) the target will still move, VS if you hit the backsplash it makes a different sound. Used about 1,000 rounds on it & it appears to handle the beating okay. Good color contrast. I'm thinking of painting the targets yellow.

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Wouldn't leave it out in the rain (as some other reviewers pictures show rust from possible rain/water).

Just got this, it's small but honestly if you can shoot the smaller targets your aim will get better. I'm using a Colt python 357 pellet pistols on it and it took the pellets like a champ small imprints on both the targets and green paint. No major damage but you can tell it was shot. For my use it's going to last a while. I don't advice shooting it with a high powered pellet riffle though perfect for pistols and to practice the fundamentals. The only target that gives me trouble is second from left all the time! Or maybe I just need glasses. Good stuff buy one.

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This is a great product I use it on my sig Sauer MPX air rifle and it works great and so far has held up very nicely I like the fact that it automatically resets itself and it's very nice and very good quality productthe only thing I really didn't expect was how small it was I thought it would be a little bigger than what it actually was but it's very perfect for plinking I have actually bought several more pellet traps and this one is definitely five stars on the quality.

Usually fire at practice targets, but this is much more fun than shooting paper, much more satisfying when you have a goal to achieve (getting all swinging targets to stay up).

Great little target. Well constructed, should last a long time.
I am using a .20 Cal. Sheridan.
Eight pumps is approximately 750+FPS. Using two pumps at 30 foot range. This works perfectly without changing point of aim. I found that Four pumps will dent the the metal housing!

So far I like it. I either shoot the Umarex Beretta 92FS, the Colt 1911 or the S&W 586 with it with no problems so far. Construction seems sturdy enough and the targets work as they should; though you definitely have to get a clean shot in the middle of the targets for them to flip up.I expected it to be small based on some of the reviews and it definitely is; could be a tad larger in general. I'm currently shooting it in my indoor range at about 15 feet and it presents me with a decent challenge. Overall, it's a good change of pace from just shooting paper targets.

works well. and lots of fun using .177 pellet guns. if your shooting a 22 pellete rifle make sure you are far away from target. at 15 yards i had 2 rounds go threw this heavy metal target.

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