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The notification lights up my phone screen. A panic enveloped me. It is not the mobile phone news that attracts attention, but the time. It is now 11:56 pm Panic turns to dull resignation.

"Damn it, Daniel." I told myself. "You forgot to water the plants."

Not an actual factory, not a virtual factory. On my animal crossing the island. I tried to use Nook miles Ticket to improve my Star of the Island rating, and spent a few hours earlier this week organizing various monuments, lining the beach with tropical coconut trees, and decorating the highlands with bushes and flowers.

As long as there is enough space for the bushes, they will grow fast, the flowers are different, and they need to be watered every day to ensure growth. Even if you do not play animal crossing, I believe you have heard a lot of information about it. The Switch game sold 13 million copies in just six weeks. This is a cartoon-style life simulator that can take you to a desolate island and let you turn it into paradise.

People who have never played through animals, it is difficult to experience the fun in the game. The main content of the game is to cut wood, dig stones and make this kind of labor by hand. It is relaxed, but the ultimate goal is still challenging. It was released on March 20, and it happened to be a coronavirus pandemic, a perfect game to help people break away from reality. There are no opposing stories or complicated mechanisms. New Horizons is a step back in time, but it is also very simple.

If you are a person who likes to play a game for a long time, then New Horizons is your best choice. If you want to play multiple games at once and waste game time by reading or guzzling to watch, it will be a nightmare.

A colorful, cheerful dream night, replaced an aggressive raccoon named Tom Nook with the freaky Freddy Kruger monster. But it was still a nightmare.

Animal crossing does not really end. At some point, you will receive an island rating (1 star) and be responsible for making improvements to attract more villagers. Therefore, you can get a five-star island with the highest level in that level, but does that mean you won Animal Crossing? I do not know.

In some ways, it is not actually a game, but more like a carving exercise. Buy animal crossing bells will provide you with a large amount of clay (sometimes literally) and a set of tools. Then, it allows you to do whatever you want, you can go to the store to buy the items you need.At: https://www.iggm.com/animal-crossing-bells

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