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Animal Crossing: There is no doubt that New Horizons occupied the entire world in early 2020, but recently, another iteration of the Life Simulator has been lighting up my social media feed. Mobile-derived product "Animal Crossing": Pocket Camp and Nintendo Switch games broke out at the same time-and increased visibility, which helps highlight the deficiencies of "New Horizons" in many aspects.

Pocket Camp has been released for more than two years and has been expanded, which may be an unfair comparison. When it came out, many people were dissatisfied with the dirty animal crossing experience and microtransactions provided by Pocket Camp.

Players who are still enjoying Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells told Polygon that these aspects have not yet completely changed in 2020. But to some extent, the fact that mobile games bring it to the desktop balances this fact.

The furniture sets and decorations are cute, which makes me jealous as a player of the "New Horizons" game, from which he got the "advanced" experience. What makes us envious is that Pocket Camp has worked harder to integrate these items into its world. In contrast, New Horizons feels more static.

She continued: "Pocket Camp gives objects a specific animation and purpose," she pointed out that one of her favorite sequences is to see villagers dancing with Gyroid, and there are few such characters in New Horizons.

The editor and former colleague Laura Hudson said: "When you start a new horizon, you have a storage limit of 80 projects, which can be gradually expanded to 1,600 projects, although doing so may take tens of hours and Millions of bells. "In contrast, Pocket Camp will provide you with more storage space and then expand it to 3,000 spaces.

A large number of items are specifically designed to entice you to spend money, which usually sounds shady, but Pocket Camp designers make these suits worth the money.

Hudson told Polygon: "The emergence of new content is normal." Hudson said. She continued: "I don't hate this at all. I don't mind paying fees or buying some items at once. These can keep my game alive."

Where "New Horizons" slowly introduces new features and new items, Pocket Camp gives you more freedom, allowing you to make exactly what you want when you need it, because you may consider certain Purchased a set of things instead of relying on the god of opportunity. The two games are perfectly at this point. Players buy animal bells to better invest in the game. Trading on a secure platform will make them more comfortable in the game.
Link: https://www.iggm.com/animal-crossing-bells

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