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Today, Blizzard, the developer of World of Warcraft Classic, claimed that in order to improve the game experience of WOW Classic players, they will improve the content of Classic Server. This makes those long-awaited players feel very excited, they have been waiting for Blizzard one day to launch a fresh Classic era server, because the content of World of Warcraft Classic has ended, it is very boring to continue playing in the Classic server. Called the planet of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery, the new servers will look to rec... more
It's been a month since the players last received news from the World of Warcraft team. Because Blizzard is currently involved in the scandal, there is a reason why there has been no news for so long. But a new update was released by the "World of Warcraft" team last Friday, and the upcoming content of WoW and The Burning Crusade Classic's retail version have been introduced in detail. Both games will have major updates, as well as a feature that players have been Buy TBC Classic Gold waiting for. The World of Warcra... more
Although the PVP arena of WOW TBC Classic has only started for nine weeks, players are already ready for the arrival of the second season of the arena. When TBC was popular in the mid-2000s, the first arena season lasted about 20 weeks. This season is expected to follow a similar timetable. The second season was released approximately at the same time as the raid on Black Temple, which was released in the third phase of the game content release. However, the chief producer of Classic stated in an interview during The Burning Cr... more
Alchemy is a very useful skill. Here are some facts about alchemy. In the Burning Crusade of World of Warcraft, many people are preparing for the things provided in the game. In order to obtain more TBC coins, alchemy is one of the TBC Classic Gold functions that can be used. You first need to learn more about the details of alchemy, so as to ensure that you can better use alchemy in the game. After using alchemy to refine herbs, you can make potions, elixir and other items. When you want to process jewelry, you can also use... more