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It's been a month since the players last received news from the World of Warcraft team. Because Blizzard is currently involved in the scandal, there is a reason why there has been no news for so long. But a new update was released by the "World of Warcraft" team last Friday, and the upcoming content of WoW and The Burning Crusade Classic's retail version have been introduced in detail. Both games will have major updates, as well as a feature that players have been Buy TBC Classic Gold waiting for.

The World of Warcraft team announced that the 9.15 update of Shadowlands will be launched in WoW Public Test Realm next week. After the update, players can swap covenants and conduits more easily, and there is no need to repeat contract activities on the trumpet. It also provides new character customization options for certain races that lack them. In addition, Blizzard also said that the game will have more changes that can help players play happier. At the same time, this patch also includes additional changes to certain content, as well as a better understanding of the impact of player harassment reports in the game. In addition, penalties will be imposed on those who engage in destructive behavior. Blizzard expressed the hope that these changes can improve the community’s gaming environment and better reflect the community’s common values.

On September 15th, The Burning Crusade Classic will launch a patch that adds the Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep: The Eye raids, so classic players will face Prince Kael'thas and Lady Vashj. These raids will be in the Overlords of Outland On the line, a new arena season will also be opened.

Blizzard also added that they are doing something for players who want to have the opportunity to restart the World of Warcraft classic, and they will share more news soon. At the same time, it also shared the autumn road map of the two games. The specific TBC Classic Gold content, you can see on Blizzard's official Twitter homepage.

It seems that the updated content this time will really bring players a lot of convenience, and the rectification of the game environment seems to have also been upgraded. I believe that after the game is updated, the game experience of players will also be more improved. In addition, if you need to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold, you can visit At MMOWTS, you can buy cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold. Not only do they deliver fast, but your account security will also be guaranteed. MMOWTS is the choice of many novices and old players.

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