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When we sat down to watch this year's PC game show, we were ready for the surprise "now out!" announcement, but we are not yet fully prepared for Torchlight III. I guess we are the only people who have been blinded because Torchlight III has been rumored for some time, but it is surprising to see that it released POE Currency in the Early Access version on Steam, but it was only met with a series of negative comments. It may be really that bad, or is it piled up due to server problems, and is always online, the first experience title forced you to enter.

Since the birth of the original "Diablo", I have been playing ARPG, and have invested thousands of hours in "Diablo II", and since "Titanium Quest" to "Path of Exile", I have played Pass all major ARPGs. why? Because my friends do this, ARPG will direct you to a powerful hero who can destroy a large number of enemies when you collect various shiny loot to enhance attack, ability and defense. They are fuses, and Torchlight III checks all boxes for satisfactory ARPG.

Some complaints are about the simplistic skill system, and I must agree: there are only two skill trees per character, which looks a little light, but you can also think of it this way: it does reduce fat. Even if you use a complex skill tree, such as "Path of Exile", or a simpler skill tree, such as "Diablo III", there will be minimum-maximum metadata, which ultimately traps you in the "best" build or another "Build" dilemma. Torchlight III's skill tree may be easier to balance so that any game style you like is feasible.

The game style is where Torchlight III is truly powerful. Each of the five courses is unique. In fact, they have some of the most unique game styles/skills I have seen in ARPG. Even though they are unique, they are actually just familiar flavor changes. Railmaster's following train is similar to fighting pets, and the fake overheating mechanic has been lingering in the history of game mechanics since the pen and paper era. However, even if you have to squint a little to see the idea as "fresh", you can make these five categories of works have a unique flavor.

But the class is very interesting. I like the process of mechanical forging and its accumulation, and then radiate heat violently, but the sharpshooter becomes a very powerful long-range combatant. The skills of the Dusk Mage are similar to those of the Blacksmith, where you must build one kind of magic while balancing another kind of magic.

Recently, a third step has been added to the Early Access version, which brings the entire Torchlight III experience from start to finish, but this is not without problems. It’s not always easy to find your way in randomly generated ARPG levels, but Torchlight III’s maps feel as if they never really exited where I needed them. I think I like Buy POE Items, rather than enjoy mechanical skills, this is something I have never really encountered in ARPG before.

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