Madden 21 closed beta hands-on impression from tonghuan's blog

The annual sports game franchise is quite unique, especially according to today’s standards, since the development time of the game is very long. This usually means that the difference between each iteration is tiny, some people say that such a game is just a simple roster update. Therefore, developers must work harder to introduce new game modes and features to stand out from the previous year. Although we did not see everything provided by the upcoming Madden 21 until late August, EA Sports held an internal beat of the game, and we also checked out some new MUT Coins.

For Madden 21 closed beta, it limits us to two options, both of which can be found in “Exhibition” mode. This is playing a game locally or playing online, and I try it. The team’s options are also very limited, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s surprising to see that they didn’t include the San Francisco 49ers because they played against the Chiefs in the recent Super Bowl, but they absolutely must include the Ravens because the cover athletes are superstar quarterback Lamar. Jackson.

One of the most focused areas for improvement is the upgraded Superstar X-Factors and Superstars selected by EA Sports. In the entire game, there are only 50 Superstar X-Factor, which is the best of them. This is like the star players of the past, but for some teams, they may be unbalanced, which is worrying. During the game, I noticed that the Chiefs have five different X factors, while the Falcons have only one.

Although it is difficult to really compare in just a few games, the overall gameplay is smoother than last year’s game. One area I particularly noticed was working as a quarterback with Lamar Jackson, which brought me back to the NCAA football game a bit. It feels that running games are alive than in the past, and it should be fun to try further throughout the game. Although some players’ strange interception is not at all where they should be able to adjust, it is hoped that this is no longer a colossal problem, but more isolated.

Since there is no typical Play Now available in Beta, there is no game mode, so it is difficult to judge how Madden 21 differs from Madden 20. This game is like a typical “crazy”. Some people want to treat it as an agreeable thing, while others who want more are likely to treat it as a dreadful thing. Besides MUT 20 Coins, this game will have many other additional features, so I am thrilled to see more things than most people like.

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