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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players have their own islands, and they are all using their creativity to make their islands look good and upgrade their levels. Many players will browse the works shared by some powerful players on social media. In order to make your own design an unforgettable memory for visitors to the island, the following suggestions hope to help you.

The entrance to the island is generally the place that gives tourists the first impression. So in the area next to the airport terminal, it is worthwhile to use your ingenuity to create a beautiful and individual entrance. After entering, it is very important to have a clear path. After all, visitors want to know where they can go and how to go. Prompt information is an indispensable part. Barrier-free shops are also an indispensable part. Most players will want to check out Able Sisters and Nook's Cranny to see if there are any good-looking and useful things.

The price of turnips is also a kind of attracting visitors. If they know your island, they can get a good return. Then tell your friends who your daily supplier is. They may just need the items provided by the supplier, such as snapping up new paintings from Redd. Tell your friends about the information of suppliers that visit KK Slider, Celeste, and Daisy Mae at a fixed time!

Interesting project
Every player visiting other islands also hopes to experience rich and interesting activities. The obstacle course is an activity that brings competition and victory satisfaction to friends. Setting up obstacles such as traps, fences, tree stumps, etc. is very interesting, and then setting victory rewards can attract people to participate.

Treasure hunt games are also optional. Find a few friends to set up as your best friends and let them explore the island with you with a shovel. You can bury some obsolete items or rubbish as a failure in the treasure hunt, bury interesting or valuable items as a reward for the treasure hunt, and then limit a time, which is very interesting. Don't worry about your lack of bells or items, you will know why at the end.

Other items that can be appreciated
Finally, there are some places on the island that represent your design creativity for your friends to appreciate. Your garden is a good choice. You can make your garden full of design through hybridization or other methods. You can choose to set up and dress up in museums, woods, hot springs, caves, etc.

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Animal Crossing: Realistic activities in New Horizons have always been a favorite of players. We can plant flowers, plant trees, fish, find fossils, etc. in the game. You can also be like a small boss and open a restaurant or coffee shop. You can also decorate your own walls and windows, and you can decorate a special location for watching movies. We can see the creativity of many players, from cliffs to beaches, the entire island allows players to play to their fullest.

Booth menu
Simple panels are mainly used for menus. You can design a menu with pictures of ramen, along with presentations and prices showing different ramen. You can also design a soft and cute ice cream appearance to make the hot summer extra cool. The fake sushi menu should be the favorite of Japanese players, and its design can fully show the Japanese style of your island. To make a cafe with your own style, you can design the appearance with flowers, decorate your tables, chairs, and coffee cups.

Interior design
Simple panels with artificial walls are also very suitable, especially during festivals. The holiday-style wall, decorated with flowers and festive items, is also very interesting. Designing a wall with your style and the corresponding atmosphere for your cafe and restaurant is also very beautiful. Of course, the shelves in bars and restaurants can also be designed with simple panels to be more realistic. Combining items such as a Throwback racing bed and popcorn machine to make yourself more atmosphere when watching movies, do you like a quiet or dynamic feel?

Information display
In addition to the display of item information, the design of the Dodo Airlines timetable is also very practical. Near the airport, the place to display seats and vending machines is a good choice. When used on skyscrapers, it will give people a sense of urban advertising, which is very real and may have the beauty of combining urban and rural areas. The same design of the entrance of the museum with some fish and fossil models is also very representative.

Many items in the game can be purchased through Animal Crossing Bells or Nook Mile, using DIY recipes. But different colored borders and content can allow players to customize the design. Go to Buy ACNH Bells at How would you design your simple panel and where would you place it?
Old School Runescape is one of the hottest versions of Jagex Studios and one of the most suitable games for many players to experience the perfect RPG. It has already supported tasks such as battles on the mobile terminal and nostalgic stories. Steam in 2021 will also have a better experience. The many maps and missions of OSRS are the most important part of attracting players. Attracted a large number of players to become members, but there are also good free missions.

For novice players, a pirate's treasure mission is the best choice for familiarity with the terrain and movement mechanism. There is no need to fight, but you need to use your brain to figure out how to bring the rum back to the mainland. The doric task of collecting items after you are familiar with the map is very good. Buying and mining, and finally gaining more than 1,000 mining experience is an excellent way to train mining skills. The humorous Ernest Chicken mission is also an introductory exploration mission. You need some creative thinking to get 300 coins.

The restless ghost after that is an easy task of obtaining prayer training. The sword of the knight is a somewhat challenging forging task, which can be seen from the more than 10,000 forging experience rewarded by the task. Exploratory tasks such as the Mystery of Misharin are also very interesting. Killer missions and slayers are combat missions. Large-scale slayer missions with rich rewards are best after simple killer missions.

The Dragon Slayer mission is one of the most challenging of free missions. Party time, and running around to hunt down a series of small bosses, and they are not all such simple tasks that can be completed, so you need to spend a lot of energy and time before facing the dragon. In the end, you may fail in the face of the dragon, and you need to be fully prepared. RS Gold is your best helper to get rich rewards for this task.

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In the earlier RuneScape official website, it was revealed that the 20th-anniversary party will start in January, and it did start last week.

The crater behind Lumbridge Castle is where fans celebrate RuneScape's 20th birthday. Ten percent extra XP rewards, and other buffs will attract players to the crater. Complete three small tasks with iconic characters to win special anniversary cakes, XP lights, and some other prizes. Remember to train your skills, ask the shrewd old man for your anniversary costume and cloak, and never worry about buying clothes without gold.

In the game, some updates have been made. Fairylight's whips and necklaces will be your cosmetics. The arrangement of color books will be more conducive to your Broken House mission. The UI icons of space dust and meteorites will be more realistic and do not have to Miner Magnus has been chatting, and there is no need to be brought to the wrong place by the magic bell.

This week is the event to celebrate the Celebration of Combat event. Without the cost of death, we don't have to think too much about any difficult missions, and the winning rate will increase a lot! Increase the sustainable time, and will not forget the reward increase. The number of rare drop tables has been reduced, but the chance of getting good loot has increased, and Slayer XP for all missions will increase by half. No death fee, will save you a lot of gold, right?

Remember to nod and say hello to the golem, you will be invincible at the War's Retreat in the crater with the Elder Overload buff. After receiving the cloak last week, this week you can receive free souvenir equipment and souvenir hats.

The Knight-themed rewards before the Christmas Ya Niu track will disappear on January 24, but Sell Runescape Gold on will accompany players throughout 2021.
Clay is a material that Animal Crossing New Horizons players will use. One of the original materials on the island, players can use it to make furniture, ocarina, and fences, and it is also a material needed for some special items. The normal situation is obtained by hitting rocks with tools, and it may also appear in balloon gifts. But in general, getting clay is quite boring.

Most fans hope to give full play to their imagination on their islands and make the game process more interesting. Hitting the rocks every day from my home island is the only boring way.

Mystic Island is a place where you can get as many materials as you can with new materials, and the drop rate of clay is higher than it is at home. You can hit three different kinds of rocks with a shovel or an axe and get clay. Some will fall near you, some will hit the rocks and go a long way, and you can dig a hole in the spot where they fall to help collect the clay.

The drop rate of clay in Balloon Presents is much lower. The capture balloon will have a high drop rate on a certain level, after all, the price of a piece of clay is only 100 bells. Players who don't like earthenware or are not interested in clay craftsmanship will sell them directly.

If you want to use clay to make clay pots, sakura bonsais, and brick ovens, and other DIY items, Mysterious Island Tour is a better choice for you to save Nook Miles tickets and get clay. Of course, you can choose to buy clay by Buy ACNH Bells or buy Nook Miles Tickets on This is a very suitable website for players who need clay. Your interest may not be popular, but that's you.
Animal Crossing New Horizons has started a new year, some new things will appear, and some old ones will leave.

At the end of January, the abalones that appeared at 4 and 9 pm, and the lobsters that were there all day, will leave. In tadpoles in the southern hemisphere, bees will leave the islands and seaweed will leave the islands. Are you ready for the fishing competition on January 9th? Or collect snowflakes at the last time, build a perfect snowman, and learn winter holiday DIY recipes?

Several limited-time New Year-themed items are still available before January 15. The 2021 celebratory arch and New Year's shimekazari are around the price of 2000 Bells, and the ones under 2000 are Olivier salad, Yut Nori, Zodiac ox figurine, Kagamimoci, and Kadomatsu. Requires 2,580 Bells. Hurry up and buy the items you like in the last week!

But seasonal updates also come to New Horizons regularly. The special character Pave will be released in late January. It will host the Festival event. What kind of carnival celebration will the elegant peacock bring? Collect bright and colorful feathers and give them to Pave, who has excellent dance moves. She will reward players with limited-time furniture. Let us look forward to the new items updated in January?

Finally, regarding the Super Mario crossover event, according to the Super Mario 35th anniversary trailer, the Super Mario theme event will definitely come in the month of 2021. Furniture and other items with Super Mario features will also be in Animal Crossing New Horizons Published in. Let us wait for the arrival of new items with On this site, new items will be on the shelves within 1-2 or two days. You can Buy Nook Miles Tickets or ACNH Bells.

Of course, what I look forward to most is the romantic wedding in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Due to the epidemic, we can't really gather with friends or hold weddings, but in the game, I want to find friendship and travel around the island with her to build a beautiful family.
On February 25, 2021, Animal Crossing: New Horizons' seasonal story Pioneers of Olive Town will come to switch. The cute life simulation game will have more rich gameplay, and the new characteristic NPC will allow players to experience easier crafting and social life.

This new version will mainly allow us to experience the early farm life. We need to reclaim the wilderness, remember to buy young cows and alpacas, look for plant seeds, some cows or sheep. Don't worry about not having enough bells, we should be the same as before. We can use loans or installments. By planting crops and raising animals as the main income, fishing and mining should not be important and then complete other new tasks. In PoOT, it only takes 10 minutes to pass in a few seconds, which means players may not need to wait.

PoOT may not allow players to create larger lakes, but like New Horizons, the characters that can be beautified are larger, and there will be more customization and decoration. After all, roads, farms, and other buildings are what we want Go to the layout. Different from the golden roses of New Horizons, high-quality items such as holiday DIY and the cleanliness of the island and the furniture used to reflect the level of the island. Olive Town will focus on design and handmade products to decorate the island.

Unlike the social simulations in Animal Crossing that must be related to villagers, Pioneers of Olive Town has more meaningful options, such as marriage. It is no longer about doing small things for the villagers and giving them some gifts. You need to really communicate with the locals to improve friendship, and then you can have a girlfriend or wife. The agricultural simulator of Stardew Valley will be the most popular of Harvest Moon. You will have a goal of getting married and establishing a family, and perhaps a romantic wedding.

In the game, you need to fish, grow vegetables and fruits to get bells. At, you will be able to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and even game updates in time. You will have more items to decorate your island and brag to your friends that you have a wife.
Planting blue roses can be used as an Animal Crossing: the boss in New Horizons, its complexity is prohibitive, and it is not a good way to make money, it is a planting that many players will choose to give up. But for some players, successful planting is a proud thing, complicated DNA coding, a very difficult combination of flowers and colors. They will use blue roses as accessories to decorate houses and islands.

In the preliminary stage, learn some knowledge about flower reproduction, because using more complex methods to plant will increase the chance of obtaining blue roses. For example, engraving specific positions and chessboard patterns are very helpful. It is also necessary to learn to understand the method of testing hybridization.

Planting special white roses is the first stage. Players need to obtain red, white, and yellow rose seeds from Cranny in Nook or from neighboring islands and let them cross with other flowers. Planting two white roses in a diagonal checkerboard pattern to obtain a purple rose is the first step. Cross the purple rose with the yellow rose to obtain a white rose, and then let the purple rose to cross it to obtain the desired purple rose. It can be tested by crossing with yellow roses. Purple roses that produce yellow roses are what we need. And the white rose produced with it is the special white rose we want. You can get more white roses we want by testing the purple roses.

The second stage is to obtain hybrid red roses. You only need a large number of hybrid red rose seeds to get black roses. Crossing black roses with previous special white roses can get the special red roses we want. Cross the special white rose obtained above with the hybrid red rose to obtain an orange rose. Then let him cross with the special white rose he obtained before. This mixed red rose is the only variety that can get blue roses.

In the end, you can cross the hybrid red rose to get a blue rose, and the blue rose can be seeded by itself, so when you plant a blue rose, it means you have succeeded. Blue rose can sell up to 1000 bells, but it is the main component of the DIY blue rose crown that players can wear, and it is generally used for decoration. If you do not have enough patience and time, I suggest you go to the website: You can Buy ACNH Items, Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, and more. Go to your own island and home to show your blue rose!
When players join each other's islands, the loading speed and scenes keep the players upset. I just want to skip this lovely time. In addition, although custom design can help players truly customize their own characters and islands, their number is very strict and should be further expanded. Nintendo has added an option to expand the storage space of Animal Crossing, and the ability to access storage from anywhere is also helpful. However, Nintendo is unlikely to do this, but being able to create multiple islands on a single console will add a lot of replay value to New Horizons.

In addition to the multiplayer mode of Animal Crossing, besides leading guests to visit the island, players don't have much to do, which inevitably makes people boring. People have created their own multiplayer game Animal Crossing, but the integrated game will be better. When the player is making and decorating the island, things like darts, singing, cards, and even simple roulette with prizes can add fun to single-player and multi-player games, and bells and some items are the players' favorites. Adding some mini-games to alleviate this situation is a good way.

Cross-border content will also be an interesting addition, in addition to normal holiday content. Nintendo has announced that it will add Super Mario furniture to the game, so it may add other Nintendo-themed furniture, leaves that have never been updated, such as Zelda suits or Samus's helmets and other items. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a good game to help people survive in 2020. It is fun during the holidays, and New Horizons has seen continuous free updates. However, most updates only add holiday-themed items and activities. 2021 is an opportunity for Nintendo to add new content to Animal Crossing, which will change the game experience of players.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons accidentally used it at the beginning of the epidemic. Its sales have surpassed most Switch games, and it has easily consolidated this game's position as a potential profitable IP for Nintendo. However, despite the fact that New Horizons has provided free updates since its release in March, it has not yet launched any really interesting new content.

Most of the updates to Animal House are based on many festivals throughout the year, such as Easter and Thanksgiving, with various recipes and activities added. Many objects and bells have always been favorite elements. But like Halloween decorations in November, they age quickly. There are some updates that add less time-limited content, such as swimming or visiting Neverland, but these are only features of New Leaf and did not exist when New Horizons was released.

The newly added content may make it better in 2021. Will you continue to like this game? will continue to provide players with the service of purchasing ACNH Bells and Buy ACNH Items in 2021.
The new year is coming, and today is the 31st. To celebrate, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has launched new items. Today is the last time to buy Berliner, New Year's Noodles, and Twelve-Grape Dish. Have you already purchased it from Nook? On New Year's Day, you can unlock more items and a portion of traditional food.

Let's take a look at the price of these foods, the time of purchase, and the story behind them.


You can buy Berliner between December 26th and 31st. It comes from Sylvester, Germany. The filling of this pastry is jam, topped with sugar, similar to jelly donuts. Although this kind of dessert can be bought all year round, in Berlin, Pfannkuchen is a traditional German New Year's food. It is worth 1200 bells.

New Year's Noodles

In the same time period from December 26th to 31st, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can spend 1,300 bells to buy New Year noodles from ōmisoka, Japan, where many people celebrate the New Year and eat Toshi Koshi-soba. Year-passing soba noodles. This dish will bring good luck because the length of the noodles symbolizes longevity, and cutting the noodles means cutting off misfortune.

Twelve-Grape Dish

In Spain, people eat 12 grapes that represent good luck at midnight on New Year's Eve. This custom is: In order to bring good luck to the new year, eat one grape every time the bell rings. This means one grape per second, very fast. From December 26th to December 31st, New Horizons restaurant launched this dish with 12 grapes at a price of 1200 Bells.

Sparkling Cider

Of course, the New Year party will not be without wine. The Sparkling Cider in Animal Crossing: New Horizons exudes its light, and players all over the world will love and be familiar with it. Players can take it to interact with friends, raise glasses, clink glasses for a toast. Then one smiled slowly with the sound, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the wonderful celebration time. The sparkling cider, also on the market from December 26 to December 31, sells for 1,000 bells.

Olivier Salad

From January 1st to January 15th, 2021, players of New Horizons can purchase Olivier Salad items with 1,000 bells. It is named after its creator Lucian Olivier and is a staple of the Russian New Year. According to most recipes found on the Internet, this dish is basically a potato salad based on mayonnaise, but also includes peas, carrots, onions, pickles, eggs, and chicken or ham.

Seize your last time to buy ACNH Items For Sale, which food would you like?
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