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When players join each other's islands, the loading speed and scenes keep the players upset. I just want to skip this lovely time. In addition, although custom design can help players truly customize their own characters and islands, their number is very strict and should be further expanded. Nintendo has added an option to expand the storage space of Animal Crossing, and the ability to access storage from anywhere is also helpful. However, Nintendo is unlikely to do this, but being able to create multiple islands on a single console will add a lot of replay value to New Horizons.

In addition to the multiplayer mode of Animal Crossing, besides leading guests to visit the island, players don't have much to do, which inevitably makes people boring. People have created their own multiplayer game Animal Crossing, but the integrated game will be better. When the player is making and decorating the island, things like darts, singing, cards, and even simple roulette with prizes can add fun to single-player and multi-player games, and bells and some items are the players' favorites. Adding some mini-games to alleviate this situation is a good way.

Cross-border content will also be an interesting addition, in addition to normal holiday content. Nintendo has announced that it will add Super Mario furniture to the game, so it may add other Nintendo-themed furniture, leaves that have never been updated, such as Zelda suits or Samus's helmets and other items. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a good game to help people survive in 2020. It is fun during the holidays, and New Horizons has seen continuous free updates. However, most updates only add holiday-themed items and activities. 2021 is an opportunity for Nintendo to add new content to Animal Crossing, which will change the game experience of players.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons accidentally used it at the beginning of the epidemic. Its sales have surpassed most Switch games, and it has easily consolidated this game's position as a potential profitable IP for Nintendo. However, despite the fact that New Horizons has provided free updates since its release in March, it has not yet launched any really interesting new content.

Most of the updates to Animal House are based on many festivals throughout the year, such as Easter and Thanksgiving, with various recipes and activities added. Many objects and bells have always been favorite elements. But like Halloween decorations in November, they age quickly. There are some updates that add less time-limited content, such as swimming or visiting Neverland, but these are only features of New Leaf and did not exist when New Horizons was released.

The newly added content may make it better in 2021. Will you continue to like this game? www.acbellsbuy.com will continue to provide players with the service of purchasing ACNH Bells and Buy ACNH Items in 2021.

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