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Path of Exile: Harvest (also known as patch 3.11) came online on June 19, and almost all players are thinking of the best way to use the space in the sacred forest.

First, the basics. In Harvest League, once a player enters the coast or almost any given area, they can almost access its functions. Somewhere on the map, there will be a seed cache, after activating the seed cache, some wild seeds will be dropped, and a portal to the holy grove and grove incarnation Ossabi will be generated.

Remind PoE players: Sacred Grove can be accessed from the seed cache or waypoint system, but can only enter Sacred Grove from the route they used to play the game for the first time, otherwise, they should re-enter Sacred Grove. A sacred grove is established, and the growth process may be lost. Since Grinding Gear Games had to adjust to Covid-19, the error may have disappeared.

Path of Exile has made many adjustments and rebalances recently, and the sacred forest will make a difference, because you can use vitality to forge POE Currency Buy with specific slot colors, upgrade ordinary or magic items to rare items, or modify modifiers. This is much more powerful than the basic game ball, which is still the main method of customizing and upgrading armor and weapons until now. ARPG fans know how the correct armor makes or destroys the game, so maximizing these opportunities to get good loot is the name of the game.

There are three types of seeds in the harvest: purple wild seeds, yellow vivid seeds and blue original seeds. They have different characteristics, depending on their variety and grade: the second layer consists of grains, the third layer has bulbs, and the fourth layer is fruits, but for clarity, they are all referred to here as seeds. Excess seeds can be stored in the holy grove's own hiding place.

Whenever the player activates the "seed cache", the seeds will grow, so the best way to grow crops quickly is to visit many different areas, collect the seed cache, and wait for about 15 minutes to reset the area. If there are plants ready to be harvested, Oshabi will mention them. It is also a good idea to compress vitality often, because otherwise the vitality will eventually be dispersed.

Three types of structures can be built immediately in Harvest League. If necessary, you can reposition the building by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking. Precautions for buildings: The pylon only has a range of 4 squares and can be connected to 4 buildings. Click the button at the top to link one shelf to another shelf, collector, diffuser or storage. The correct placement of pylons will control the vitality of specific species (wild, vivid or primitive) from one area to another.

As a side note, the last alliance of Path of Exile is still valid and may be encountered after Act No. 5. Players can also look forward to the final release of Path of Exile 2. Path of Exile is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can play this game on these platforms. At the same time, if you lack POE Chaos Orb, you can buy it at IGGM.
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