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Path of Exile is a role-playing computer game created and published by Grinding Gear Games. Today, Path of Exile 3.9.3 patch notes have been discovered. This game first came out in 2013, whether it is a free game or a stable version.

Added Fateweaver and Darkseer supporter packages. Each has two value focal points. They include a selection of shield sets such as belts, weapon impacts, POE Currency, social boxes, and collection titles. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The following are the main contents and functions of this update

 Added another intelligence skill gem-Arcane Cloak: consumes some mana to increase the gain, and may cause you some damage before exhaustion. During dynamic enhancement, additional lightning damage is added based on the mana cost consumed by mana. It can be cooled together with other defenders.
 Added another intelligence skill gem – Stormbind: Put the rune example on the ground and develop as you guide. Rune Blast's feats cause moderate rune enemies to traverse the enemy and deal damage. You can use Rune Blast to update Put runes. When the rune blast is released, the rune will explode.
 Added another intellectual skill gem-kinetic energy bolt: launch a wand attack, change the route and shoot in ordinary temporary.
 Added another agility skill gem – Blade Blasting: Detonate the sharp edge where you focus on that point. The explosion will spread to the tip of the ethereal knife, blade vortex or blade fragment.
 Added another intelligence skill POE Orbs – Spell Thrower: When dynamic, maintains mana for each connected spell and causes those spells to trigger an attack when using a wand.
 Added another kind of intelligence support gems-Archmage support: increase lightning damage to the persisted skills, and change its cost to your open mana level, including some new costs, including lightning damage
 Added clustered gems, another gem that can be inserted into the outer edge of the passive skill tree, including new passive skill options. These must be obtained through Delirium substances and are divided into three unique categories. Huge clusters of jewelry can have medium slots at higher POE Items levels and can accommodate medium clusters of jewelry. Medium-sized cluster jewelry can have small slots that can accommodate small cluster jewelry. Specifying passive components on these gems is like assigning ordinary passive components. If you need to discount the passive components allocated to these gems, you only need to pay one refund point for the entire gem. Please note that if you wish to expel the gem from the tree, you will need to discount all passive components on the gem.
 Added Simulacrum, which is an end-game experience opened by collecting Simulacrum Splinters from the Delirium experience. Carry out a series of troublesome battles to get better and better rewards.
 Added another cash Delirium Orbs, which can be used as a map to infiltrate the entire territory into Delirium. Each orb also adds new rewards to the guide, and each guide can apply up to five Delirum orbs. Be cautious because every POE Orbs will make the guide more and more troublesome. If players still lack POE Currency Buy after a series of wars, I suggest buying directly from IGGM, which will be faster and more convenient.