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Since Madden's demise, Madden NFL Madden 22 coins fans have been begging to get Madden to be included the cover of Madden NFL 23's front cover. Though the cover usually is reserved for a star athlete, Madden NFL 22's cover stars broke some traditions by themselves and many believe the cover dedicated to Madden would be the perfect way to remember the legend. Some fans even went to the extreme of creating mock covers with Madden as well as some fans, such as @antwon_creates, have posted them on social media sites.

EA has not yet decided who will appear on Madden NFL's covers. However, an edition of the game featuring Madden would certainly be an easy method to please players and pay tribute to an iconic figure in football.

Like all sports, Madden NFL has a multi-platform release annually However it seems that over the last few times, Madden NFL has conspicuously left out Nintendo in fact, the only time that a Madden NFL game was played on the Nintendo gaming device was Madden NFL 13 for Nintendo's Wii U. This is unforgivable, considering that there are plenty of football enthusiasts who would benefit from having a Switch port of Madden NFL sports. According to rumours, things could be different in the coming years with Madden NFL 23, and gamers may finally enjoy the benefits of a Switch release.

These rumors are inspired by job postings cheap Mut 22 coins from EA seeking a programmers in Madden NFL who has experience with "Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo game consoles." Some believe that this could mean that EA is making plans for future Madden releases on Nintendo gaming systems. Although there is no confirmation of a Nintendo release for Madden NFL 23 is not yet been confirmed EA will increase the Madden player base through this.

More details are available Madden 22 coins here about what Early Access could work for Madden 23.

In the present as of right now, the expected Madden 23 day of release is set for Friday, August 19, 2022.

Although it isn't confirmed, this would line up perfectly with the release date that was set for the launch of Madden 22.

The exact release date has varied over time, but the debut of Madden is always tightly tied to the start in the NFL season, and this year, they decided to launch Madden 22 just a few months before the season began.

We could see an early September opening game for the NFL in 2022. going with another late-August Friday launch seems like a good idea considering the players soaked up NFL preseason buzz, and anticipation for the start of the regular season.

We'll learn the release date of Madden 23 in June or July, and it will likely be revealed simultaneously with the next cover

The official trailer for the reveal cheap Mut 22 coins of Madden 22 was released on the 17th of June in 2021 and a year before we got the trailer to reveal for Madden 21 debut on June 16, 2020.