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Maxwell Dick
This is a massively multiplayer online sandbox game with a large number of players, and it is called New World. Players must understand the gravity of their situation while traveling down a road rife with hostility and curses. Players will have to decide what to do in this situation, who to ally with and who to fight against, whether to live alone in a terrible and supernatural environment or whether they will work together to build a prosperous civilization. In this world of weather, seasons, and time, the only thing that can stand ... more
Maxwell Dick Feb 10 '22 · Tags: new world gold
Amazon's new world may be delayed again, but fans' interest in the game has not been affected. New World has become one of the most popular games on Steam as calculated by SteamDB. It defeated games such as Battlefield 2042 and Left 4 Dead’s spiritual successor Back 4 Blood, which were about to enter the Battlefield series. Players will highlight the games they are interested in through Steam’s wishlist system. Players will be notified when the game is released or discounted. Moreover, if other players see their wish list, they ca... more
Among the vast arable resources in the New World, there is the elusive Fae Iron. There are eight powerful weapons that span game styles that can be crafted with it. Players learned about the importance of Fae Iron in upgrading their equipment during the testing of the new world. They are very useful and very rare at the same time. Rare resources like Fae Iron are much more difficult to obtain than mining resources like gold and iron. Its location is not difficult to find, but its drop as a trophy makes its Cheap New World Coins ... more
As an MMO game, New World is impressive for its sociality. In some other MMO games, they are also very social. Players are chatting on various topics in the world or regions, and various hot spots are full of vitality. But compared with the new world, their social drive is still weaker. Taxation is one of the hotspots of chat in the new world. General tax only exists in real life, but now, it will be unavoidable in the new world. If you want to gain control during factional wars, the key factor is to Buy New World Coins set tax ra... more
In the summer, Twitch's growth rate has slowed down, but the growth trend has not been eliminated. Amazon "New World" as a new competitor squeezed into the live broadcast market of Facebook Gaming. After players flooded into the game's closed beta, "New World" had 34 million hours of viewing last month. Since the beginning of summer, the duration of content broadcast has dropped significantly every month. The content played in July reached 1.8 billion hours, which is 23% higher than the figure in July 2020. This Buy New World Coin... more
he upcoming MMONew World will be launched by New World Coins Amazon Game Studios until the fall of 2021. The game was previously planned to be released at the end of August, and now September 28, 2021 has become the new release date. This is the latest in multiple game delays. The developer said: "We know that we have changed the release date in pursuit of quality. This is not the first time. Although the waiting time is relatively long, we only want to provide you with a high-quality game when it is released." The team claimed to... more