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In October 2022, New World received the Brimstone Sands update that aimed to solve a significant number of problems players were complaining about. In addition, the shining star of the release was the introduction of the Brimstone Sands Zone, one of the largest areas in Aeternum, coming in at more than two and a half times as big as Everfall.

Within this new zone, players will have the opportunity to unlock a significant amount of new story content, furthering their game experience in New World. Within this new territory, players will come across the corrupted 19th Legion of the Roman Empire, whose members are on a quest for redemption and a renewed empire. With this vast new area to explore and conquer, players will need all the help they can get. Following these tips will make things much easier, especially if they have enough New World Gold.

Have Gear Leveled Over 600

When the player reaches level 60, which is the recommended level for the Brimstone Sands Zone, their gear will all ideally be at a level of 500 each. However, before entering this area, they'll want to raise this gear score even higher, which can be done by purchasing high-level gear and materials using New World Coins. Aiming for a score of at least 600 is the best game plan. In combination with expertise in play style, scores like this will better enable the player to get legendary drops. Legendaries offer the player three perks as opposed to the two they get with Epics.

Unlock The Heartgem Runes

Once the player enters the Brimstone Sands Zone, their first focus will need to be on the main story quest. They'll need to progress along until they reach the side quest "Secrets of the Heartgem." At this point, they can unlock the Heartgem Runes, which are new with the update. Having this unlocked allows the player to essentially add an ultimate active ability. However, they will have to progressively upgrade the Runes, as they are not very powerful at their base levels. With enough New World Gold For Sale, players can purchase the necessary materials to upgrade their Heartgem Runes faster and have a competitive edge.

Upgrade Critical Trade Skills

The player will need to upgrade two critical trade skills before setting out into the Brimstone Sands Zone. Weaponsmithing and Stonecutting will need to be raised to at least 180. They'll both be needed for crafting Heartgem Runes and Runeglass Gems. For example, to make the actual Runeglass Case component, the player will need Weaponsmithing at 180. To put their Runeglass Gem's ingredients all together during crafting, they'll need their Stonecutting at a minimum of 180. These Runes and Gems can be very powerful assets to have in the player's arsenal, so they'll want to ensure they have the capability of manipulating them by purchasing the necessary materials with New World Gold.

Farm Brimstone As Often As Possible

A new material that became available with this update was Brimstone. The player can mine it to get sulfur chunks. Five of these chunks can be used to make one piece of sulfur. This new material is essential for crafting, and they will want to mine it as often as possible. With enough New World Gold, players can purchase tools that make mining Brimstone easier and faster.

Fast Travel Points

When exploring Brimstone Sands, players should make it a priority to collect all the fast-travel points. Whenever they come across one, whether they're exploring or following the main quest, they should take a detour to collect it.

This will allow players to travel more efficiently across the vast Brimstone Sands, taking a direct path to their destination instead of fighting their way through the zone each time they return.

Side Quests

Side quests are scattered throughout Brimstone Sands and are generally found in the same direction as the main quest. They offer great rewards and provide players with more insight into the game's lore.

Players should complete these quests whenever possible, as the rewards can range from Runeglasses to Umbral Shards, which can be used to craft items like Runeglasses and Heartgems.

New Materials

With the addition of the new zone, players can now collect new materials like cactus and sandstone, in addition to old favorites like herbs and silkweed. These materials are essential for crafting, so players should collect as much as possible while exploring Brimstone Sands.

Another important item introduced in the game is the Wooden Coin, which is used to craft Heartgems and Runeglasses. Players can find Wooden Coins in Elite Chests in elite zones, not restricted to Brimstone Sands.

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