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he upcoming MMONew World will be launched by New World Coins Amazon Game Studios until the fall of 2021. The game was previously planned to be released at the end of August, and now September 28, 2021 has become the new release date.

This is the latest in multiple game delays. The developer said: "We know that we have changed the release date in pursuit of quality. This is not the first time. Although the waiting time is relatively long, we only want to provide you with a high-quality game when it is released." The team claimed to be postponed. One of the factors of the game is Buy New World Coins the feedback from the closed beta.

At that time, the studio cited that it was caused by the coronavirus lockdown, and the game delay at this time was in April. In July 2020, the studio announced that the game has been postponed to spring 2021. Then, in February 2021, the studio once again postponed the game that was originally scheduled to be released in May 2020 to August 2021.

As an MMO, New World colonizes a fictional land on the Atlantic Ocean is the player's task. Because the entire team is fighting for land, the biggest feature of the game is the 50-to-50 battle. In order to collect feedback, Amazon previously held a preview event with thousands of players participating. It then evolved into an attempt to conduct chaotic war in the mid-1600s.

At TwitchCon 2016, New World was one of three PC games announced by Amazon Game Studios. However, all three games have had an impact due to delays and cancellations. They cancelled the multiplayer fighting game Breakaway during the development process. In order for the studio to cancel the release of the game and bring it back to the closed beta, another game, Crucible, will be launched in May 2020. However, development of Crucible was stopped in October.

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