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Gerald Bell
Animal Crossing New Horizons has made a lot of players addicted. With over 13 million copies sold in one month, and the subsequent increase in Nintendo Switch sales (+ 30 percent), the animal crossing new horizons has set new records. You may play this game by yourself if you want to. It is the only video game that celebrates happiness, relaxes the body and mind, and brings joy to everyone: it is especially suited to people who are looking for their own little happy place in the world, where they can embark on exciting adventures in ... more
Gerald Bell
Now, more and more people are willing to spend a lot of time on Animal Crossing New Horizons. It moves at an alarming rate: from friends' circles to microblog home pages to B stations, and even Tik Tok, all of them fell into the hands of the adversary's tiktok army. Humans are clearly separated into two groups that are quite near to one other: those who have switches, those who can play Animal Crossing New Horizons, and those who do not have switches. Those who have switches are the ones who can play Animal Crossing New Horizons. Her... more
Maxwell Dick
New Horizons Animal Crossing is one of the most controversial games since it was launched. Others people believe it's the greatest game ever, some don't. On their virtual island, which is fully covered in snow and adorned with fir trees, animal crossing fans beyond new boundaries will be able to brighten up this coronavirus-infected Christmas season. Since Christmas is one of the most important festivals, here we're going to learn how to spend Christmas in Animal Crossing to escape the hectic real world. Since it was fully unlock... more