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Animal Crossing New Horizons has made a lot of players addicted. With over 13 million copies sold in one month, and the subsequent increase in Nintendo Switch sales (+ 30 percent), the animal crossing new horizons has set new records. You may play this game by yourself if you want to. It is the only video game that celebrates happiness, relaxes the body and mind, and brings joy to everyone: it is especially suited to people who are looking for their own little happy place in the world, where they can embark on exciting adventures in the name of peace and tranquility. There are things you should know when playing the game, so that you can have better game experience.

Before traveling to another island, make sure your pockets are empty.

Have you put up a tent on your favorite island to enjoy the scenery? After then, it's time to go to a friend's island to acquire additional tools and ACNH things that will aid you in your quest to complete the game's objectives. To create extra room in your inventory pocket, make sure that all of the objects are removed from the pocket.

Every day should be spent playing.

The operation is similar to that of mobile games: if you log in many times in a row, you will get a present every day, and the prize will be bigger as a result of your repeated participation. To watch your island grow, it's important to play every day, even if it's only to walk to the nook point and switch off the console console.

What should be sold and what should not be sold

Remember to dig the fossil holes that emerge on the island on a daily basis and to not sell any of the fossils that you find (not because they are valuable which you can sell them for ACNH bells, but because you can hold exhibitions in the Museum). It's possible to sell anything except iron and clay bricks, which may be difficult to come by but will soon become very valuable in the construction industry.

How to construct various types of furniture

Alternatively, you may travel to Point Nook, where you can utilize the workbench in the bottom right corner to combine the materials you've gathered to create even more beautiful furniture, objects, or tools.

How to go back to the island's geographic center.

Do you feel lost or stuck? Start by turning on your cell phone and pressing the left key to call for help. As a result, you will incur some financial outlay, but you will be instantly transported to the geographic center of the island you are visiting.

Make use of an axe.

When you come across a tree, you always use an axe to cut it down. Wood is very valuable. It is split into three categories, making it very handy at all times. But, maybe most significantly, you can drop branches and stars, which may result in some benefits for you.

Nothing should be thrown away.

If you come across old boots or empty cans, don't throw them away since they can be used to construct something else. Save them so you may utilize them when you least expect it.

Be on the lookout for wasps and spiders.

Not everything in the game is friendly: if you shake a tree too hard, you may cause a wasp nest to be triggered, and it may be very uncomfortable to come face to face with a spider in the game. As a result, use caution and avoid these interactions. Moreover, infinite tarantula island in animal crossing new horizons, that you can catch a lot tarantula to sell ACNH bells.

Through the ages and through space

In actual life, the creatures in the forest obey the clock and calendar, which means that the season in the forest is the same as it is in the real world. One minute in the game is precisely the same as one minute in the real world. Nothing, however, can prevent you from turning back the clock to play years in advance and putting yourself at a competitive edge in crop growth. Simply turn off the "date and time via the Internet" option in the Nintendo switch's settings.

What is the best way to get all of Volboro's works?

In addition to the preceding method, you must utilize time to cheat in video games in this instance. If you want to acquire all of the pieces of art created by the new Fox that was added in the most recent update, all you have to do is figure out when Volpolo first arrived on the island. View the things for sale and purchase what you need, then go to the museum for a 24-hour period and return the items. Now, go back to the previous day and make a fresh purchase from volpolo, and then continue the process until you have bought and contributed all 40 works that are now available for purchase and donation.

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