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Now, more and more people are willing to spend a lot of time on Animal Crossing New Horizons. It moves at an alarming rate: from friends' circles to microblog home pages to B stations, and even Tik Tok, all of them fell into the hands of the adversary's tiktok army. Humans are clearly separated into two groups that are quite near to one other: those who have switches, those who can play Animal Crossing New Horizons, and those who do not have switches. Those who have switches are the ones who can play Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here we are going to tell you everything about the game. If you want to buy ACNH items, akrpg.com is always the best place!

In order to understand how popular the game is, consider the following data: according to the Japanese game media fami Tong, the game was released on March 20 and the physical sales volume in Japan reached 1.88 million sets in three days, breaking the previous first week sales record in the history of switch games. The combined physical and digital sales volume was about 2.5 million units, which resulted in a significant increase in the switch sales volume to almost 400000 units, compared to 57000 units the previous week, and The best-selling switch game in the first week of British history ranks first in Amazon sales in the United States, where it will become the next 10 million IP sales, according to the company. There is minimal suspense, and it may even surpass the 20 million-unit mark in terms of sales.

When we engage in "Animal Crossing," we are indulging in the peacefulness of everyday life. How long have you been sitting on the beach, watching the sun fade into the horizon, turning the sky a little orange and purple? When was the last time you were absorbed in the dark blue world and light of the aquarium, gazing up at the silver fish spinning and dancing in the air above you? With your friends, how long have you been picking fruit, going fishing, snapping selfies, decorating your room, and exchanging gifts amongst yourselves? These little gifts in life, which have been missing for a long time as a result of the pandemic, may be discovered in the moving forest.

There is a distinct sound of footsteps crossing the square when you are running, and a rustle sound when you are walking on the grass. When you are walking on the beach, you can hear the sound of feet stepping on the waves. When you are barbecuing, you can hear the sound of "Zila Zila," and different types of records play different music. Butterflies and hermit crabs will be scared away if you are running. They don't frequently communicate with animals. They will alienate others and may even leave the country.

Japanese aesthetics and epidemics in everyday life As a result, the circle's mystery is revealed as simulated business x social, ghosts and animals.

It spread throughout the world, but the game industry defied the trend: on March 15, the number of people who played games online on the Steam platform surpassed 20 million for the first time in history. Before the release of Animal Forest, tens of thousands of fans signed a petition asking for the game's release date to be moved forward. This game takes away all of the sorrow and difficulty that comes with real life, leaving just the lovely parts. It is in line with the current local time zone. It also contributes to the creation of a two-dimensional virtual world for home-based players, as well as the treatment of anxiety.

The total number of sales worldwide surpassed 11.75 million. The fifth movie, "moving forest: large city family," was released on the Wii platform, the sixth movie, "come on: moving forest," was released on the 3DS platform, and the seventh movie, "come on: moving forest amiibo Plus," was released in the year 2016. The smartphone game "moving forest pocket camp" and two derivative games, "moving forest happy house designer" and "moving forest amiibo celebration," were both launched in 2017, as was the PC game "moving forest happy home designer."

Mori has a moving Japanese aesthetics to some extent: although the main task is "building a house and paying off a loan," if you don't pursue changing a big house and collecting rare creatures, you can always muddle along in the Buddhist system, just enjoy the pleasure of catching red dragonflies as a child, or just enjoy the pleasure of playing with your friends. In the same way, it is not difficult to find new aesthetics of finding happiness in life in Japanese films and television, such as small forest, which are both visually appealing.

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