I read about an experiment that was conducted from Dragonborn's blog

I read about an experiment that was conducted and OSRS Gold it seemed that Malevolent came out at least 3m in comparison to Torva in terms of profit efficiency went. I really enjoy melee and often prefer it to ranged and mage. I'm still trying to get to 90 defense before I can get Malevolent regardless.

Light-Heals 59 energy in 24 seconds. This bed would be so light that it would fall down randomly. The bed isn't ''under'' items are found with this bed, but there is a slight amount of agility XP in the event that it falls and you leap off the bed. Dense-Recovers 64 energy over 25 seconds-55 construction time. This bed does not be able to fall like those of Light one, however it is dense enough that it hurts your character's back, making him inflexible after getting off the bed temporarily.

Dramen-Heals 69 energy in 26 seconds-60 construction-This bed would be constructed from magical Dramen wood. This bed could have trees spirits (Level 12-56) right next to you when you wake up. If you can defeat them you'll be able to get Dramen leaves, which can be used to make Dramen Pillows!

Swaying-Heals energy of 79 over 27 minutes and can be constructed in a time of just 65 seconds. in fact a hammock, as you must take the Swaying logs to a worker at the digsite, and he'll convert it into a swaying hammock! It is essential to buy fake palm trees to hang it but sometimes, the palm trees may fall onto you during sleep.

Hollow-Heals 84 watts over 28 seconds-70 construction. These beds may sometimes collapse, but if they do, you'll fall into RS 2007 Accounts them for a brief duration, and can get certain ''under the bed items. Dream-Heals 96 energy in 29 seconds to 75 construction. This bed allows you to go into a dream world temporarily which allows you to cut more Dream trees as well as to locate Dream Runes (Used in Dream Magic which will be explained in the following).

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