Glacor boots are the most comfortable boots that are still available from Dragonborn's blog

"Normal" (as the word implies) Nex) GWD armour is more than sufficient for Slayer tasks. Not too expensive (for an individual with OSRS Gold your finances) It doesn't require to be repaired , and provides offensive advantages. You should keep an Barrows set with every style of combat (Verac's Ahrim's, Karil's and Verac's) for the very few Slayer tasks that require high protection armour.

Glacor boots are the most comfortable boots that are still available. Barrow gloves aren't as great anymore. They're hybrid gloves, so they are useful, however if I were you, I'd go for the TWW automated gloves (Static Pneumatic, Tracking). They're the gloves equivalent of Glacor boots.

Amulet Of Fury remains an excellent amulet and the best hybrid amulet in fact. If you've got money to spend , you might want to purchase a Saradomin's Hess (second best magic amulet only just behind Stream Neck), Murmur (currently the most effective melee amulet on the market) along with Whisper (best of all amulets that range).

Melee weapons : If you don't have chaos weapons. You can buy Drygores. They're superior, however they are expensive. If you don't want to spend an excessive amount of money, just make use of your Saradomin Godsword. (or you can train to become a Dung and acquire a maul)

Magic weapons that you can purchase Virtus wand and Cheap RuneScape Gold book but they're greater than Drygores. Seismic wand and singurarity are ridiculous expensive atm according to the ge price, the wand's value is 500Mish , however, it's worth 2 bucks. If you're not willing to spend a lot , purchase an Arma battlestaff. It's not as powerful as an Chaotic staff, but better than SoL at a minimum.

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