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If I was in your shoes I'd grab those 28 million and either make a bet in the economy if I knew how, or simply to RuneScape Gold concentrate on improving your core combat stats and focus on killing things for loot. The downside there is... the highest rewards usually require more than your current stats and you'll need take on a serious effort to improve your combat for a while. What's up? When you wield your preyer book instead of regular preyers, it will have preyers from the preyer book of your god.
The black market trade of gold and the intricate problems it causes (autoers) is a main problem for Jagex and is a battle they've struggled for years with limited success.
My suggestion isn't actually new, but it's slightly modified to reduce the negative results of it's implementation. It is however based around the notion that Jagex should sell gold to stifle the black market gold industry to make it more profitable for gold sellers , thereby reducing their incentive to market Runescape gold and therefore reducing the incentive to buy autoers and reduce the game participation for other players.
I think that if Jagex sold Runescape gold they could not just make more money, and return it to the game, but they'd surely be serving a larger part of the Runescape community willing to purchase gold.
Though in selling gold I'd like to think that Jagex could be able to restrict the amount of gold an individual player could buy each month, in order to not only limit the liability of their own, but to Buy RS3 Gold make game play the main source of revenue in addition to preventing playing bankrolling aspects of the game.

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By Dragonborn
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