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In the Path of Exile Harvest, after collecting seeds, players will be able to plant seeds in the holy bush, thus introducing an agricultural element to the game. Although the seeds may be scattered on the ground at will, building a farm that collects the most life energy from the seeds in the most efficient manner possible is the key to getting POE Currency faster.

Once the monster matures, seeds will also be produced, and rare seeds will bring bigger beasts, which will drop better loot. The seeds dropped by level 3 monsters can also bring special boss encounters. The preview also hinted at a difficult rare boss, which the player may be able to use.

The harvest includes 12 new unique items, some of which are alliance rewards. When discussing several of these issues with Wilson, he pointed out that a lot of content has been added to help define the player's personal style, and unconventional methods are often used to balance them. Wilson used Doryana's Prototype (an item that allows enemies to share lightning resistance with the player) as an example, and pointed out that reducing the player's own defense may have some positive benefits.

When discussing other balance changes in Path of Exile, Wilson pointed out that the team had put in a tremendous effort to rebalance the two-handed melee weapons. Despite the clichés of their role as a heavy-hit but slowly swinging short-range weapon, the folks at Grinding Gear Games reclassified several skills as Slam, and they did a balanced rework to make them both competitive and useful to players. Attractive. For example, "Constructing the Grand Slam" not only gained new visual effects, but also improved in a number of key ways to make it more effective.

Now, the amount of endurance costs for constructing Slam has been reduced, and only one cost is eliminated every three uses. The game will include an auxiliary gem called "Fist of War", which allows the spirit to slam with the player to produce greater damage and range of influence.

There will also be four new "War Cry Skills" that have been improved to make them more powerful. They will no longer scale based on how many enemies are nearby, but will exist relative to the strength of nearby enemies. This means that Buy POE Items will be more effective when dealing with stronger monsters. In these new Warcry skills, Seismic Cry can push enemies back and taunt them.

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