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EA Sports has released the latest "Gridiron Notes" blog post for Madden NFL 21, this time covering new content on offensive and defensive game books and improvements to AI. In addition, EA has promised to update this year's games in larger amounts regularly.

Starting with the new script, Madden 20’s MUT Coins feature will enter Madden 21 in version 2.0. As with last year, the real-time script is an update to the script to reflect what happened in the real NFL, and EA promised to make more substantial updates this year.

EA said: "For Madden NFL 21, we are increasing the content provided through title updates. As this feature develops, it will increasingly become the way we add new script content to the game." "We are already researching New script content, which will bring more variety and authenticity to our script."

An example provided by EA is that the New England Patriots signed with QB Cam Newton during the offseason. To reflect this, the NFL’s live script for the Patriots will take into account Newtown’s fast-paced and dynamic playing style, which is different from the way QB Tom Brady played Very different.

EA will update NFL Live Playbooks throughout the NFL season, but the basic Playbooks in Madden NFL 21 will also be updated. EA said: “The first change you will notice is that all NFL Live updates for Madden NFL 20 have been added to all default team manuals.” “As we did before, all based on the new head coach Or the team of coordinators will obtain script content that reflects the specific coaching plan based on film research and coach interviews."

The defensive game manual for Madden NFL 21 is also being updated. In short, players will have more formation and match options, and the overall goal is to make them "become more unique by focusing on including the main formation that each team uses in real life." EA said.

The blog post also introduces various regular game changes made by EA this year, including better ball control animations, so runners keep the same speed no matter which direction they are heading. In addition, defensive players' block loss is now related to the speed of the handoff. If you Buy MUT 20 Coins you can easily get these skills. EA said: "These two changes make more running races in ground races a reliable choice, while also bringing balance to overused races (such as stretching and diving)."

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