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Grinding Gear Games announced that Path of Exile 3.11.1c will be released this week. This patch contains some fixes for Harvest Alliance. The most notable is the increased capacity of the storage tank, and some improvements to the description of “harvest creation”.

It increased the basic capacity of the storage tank from 300 units to 1000 units. An unfamiliar type of storage tank will also be launched, which can accommodate up to 5,000 units, and you can also purchase a sizeable amount of POE Currency.

If you have one or larger water tanks, there will be a “swap” button on the water tank. You can click this button and it will be automatically replaced with an extra water tank. I will store all life units contained in the smaller tank in the new tank.

The highlighting of keywords in the Harvest creation panel will be reviewed. They will have colors that allow you to easily view the creation of modifiers immediately. For example, the word “caster” will always be highlighted in light blue.

Added currency icons to Harvest Crafting UI to show the given crafting options more clearly at a glance. I have added other colors to the highlights of keywords in the Harvest production instructions. Reduced the display time of the “ready to harvest” notification to 5 seconds (was 15 seconds). It is no longer possible to upgrade the essence, oil or map when viewing hidden through Harvest Crafting’s “hidden view”.

Reduced the strength of the Bloom effect for the following assets: Eradication Skills, Meditation Desecration Effect, Tornado Shooting, Fire Golem Skills, Strike Strike, Automaton Aegis Effect, Stage Effect, Buy POE Items, and P Demon Wings.

A preview of the full patch instructions will be released soon.

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