Players still need to learn the relevant knowledge of Harvest League again from CSCCA's blog

Two days later, GGG will officially launch the POE Harvest League. Players may want to preview the relevant knowledge about the new league before the rise of the new league. We well know it is well that POE update every three months to represent the rise and fall of the league. What players now know is that they can plant seeds in Harvest League to kill the monsters they produce. They can use the magnificent vitality gained to make a variety of POE Items for sale to get POE Currency.

Harvest shifts players' attention to creating unique items. It is also the league with the greatest strength improvement since POE released the league model. Although many players already know most of the news of the league, this article will bring more detailed information.

Players can harvest many monsters as long as they work hard in the Sacred Grove. They can earnestly search every area in the harvest league to get various seeds. After a planting cycle, it will produce monsters from the crop. Players can kill them to gain vitality and unique items to make crafts or enchant equipment.

Players need to design their gardens carefully so that the seeds can grow in a good growing environment. Players of any level can take part in the new league to optimize their garden. The nutrients needed for seeds are unique vitality rather than ordinary water. They can pay attention to whether the monsters they kill have dropped more advanced seeds. More advanced seeds require a better planting environment. In this way, players can gain more vitality. Players can become landlords in Harvest League by going back and forth.

The most attractive thing players want to do is that they can exchange Path of Exile Currency and POE Items and Chaos Orb by making crafts in the new league. Players get advanced seeds by killing monsters to gain more majestic vitality. It facilitates ordinary players who have no economic strength and the game situation has become balanced. GGG has said a few days ago that players can Buy POE Currency a little in case they need to enter the game.

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