Two-handed weapons will play a more important role in the POE Harvest league from CSCCA's blog

To ensure the balance of the POE Harvest league, GGG has narrowed the gap between players who are too strong and those who are too weak. They mainly made improvements to the existing two-handed weapons and slow attacks in the game and Brands and other urgent problems. The sincerity of the game team has moved all players, leading players to buy POE Currency to prepare for the Harvest League.

The game team balanced the role played by the clustered orbs in jewelry based on the successful experience of the Delirium League. They have been listening to the players’ suggestions to improve the two-handed weapons so that players can get a better fighting experience when using the two-handed weapons. Players’ use of optimized two-handed weapons is rapidly increasing and returning to the player’s favorite weapon ranks. Although players are still slow when using two-handed weapons to attack others, the damage to the enemy is huge, and they can stun even the most powerful bosses by players using two-handed weapons.

Players can now see more powerful two-handed weapons in POE’s melee arsenal. Players of every level can use their two-handed weapons to cause the damage they want to others. What surprises players is that almost every weapon has a hidden function. It has also improved the passive skill tree has also with the improvement of two-handed weapons. Players can now use two-handed weapons to speed up life recovery with the help of healing skills. They felt very satisfied with the improved two-handed weapon.

The existing two-handed weapons have been able to meet the needs of players to defeat the monsters produced from the seeds. They must know the specific functions and hidden capabilities of the two-handed weapons they use so they can more efficiently get the majestic vitality and POE Orbs and Chaos Orb and Path of Exile Currency. Officials have reminded players before that it is best to prepare for Buy POE Currency. The mysterious and interesting Harvest League awaits players to enjoy!

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