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It always bothered me in the wrong manner, which WOW TBC Gold is why it played out as it did. I'm hoping this didn't appear as the ramblings of a maniacal fanboy. This is just the way I see it.

In my opinion, Thrall was holding back for the majority of the fight. He wanted to teach Garrosh an important lesson and wanted to beat him, but it didn't matter. Then Garrosh came up with the "this was your fault" thing and Thrall attacked him with the elements and killed.

I've always maintained that it was because the elements did not respond to him immediately afterward wasn't because the man "cheated," as so many people would like to believe. However, he been abusive to them because of his anger. And that's something he is still struggling to reconcile with up to the present.

Thrall displayed a calm, sad expression during the battle. He desired Garrosh recognize the distinction between an authentic leader and a warmonger. The Thrall failed in that and Garrosh was just getting "worse" in his eyes, so much that he just couldn't let him go and made the decision to kill him in the interest of the Horde.

This also means that he was a failure, he fell short Garrosh and himself as well as Grom. Since he didn't have a clear purpose and conflict, he wasn't able to call upon the elements.

To be honest, I've have always believed that it was because of garrosh's encounter with the gods of evil during the pandaria's mists that made him completely mad and gave him that hulking terrifying troll physique. Prior to that, in the Icecrown raid, it is possible to see that garrosh was much smaller in stature and thrall used to be bigger than garrosh. Additionally, he joined with the iron horde and grew stronger by joining with the orcs.

He put in the work and grew stronger thanks to his "real iron bros from the gangsta scene".

Additionally, I believe that Thrall was hiding during the whole fight since inside he believed he was at fault. He felt this way throughout the entire time until when he talks to his mom in Korthia.

It was only in the last instance the man knew he must kill garrosh. There was a possibility that he would have taken the warrior route and cut of his head or cleave him with an axe or brutally punch his head or smash it by using the doom-hammer, however the thought of that was too cruel. He eventually went with the electric chair option to be executed through a single quick hit of lightning. It was very painless to cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold die I believe. He is struck by lightning , and then loses all senses.

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