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I'm sorry for having to create a new thread, but RS gold it showed me an error each time I attempted to post in the old one! For starters I was asked in the first thread how I came to it. I created a new account, and upon logging onto my account, there was a sign up for it. At first whenever I clicked it the entire client would be shut down. However, when I tried it again the following day it worked immediately and allowed me to use the option to use it.

I've recently decided I like playing Runescape and would like to never switch back to F2P, therefore, I'm going to buy a membership and this is where I need a bit of help. Already, I've decided that I'd prefer to play a range-free player and may incorporate something in the near future. Therefore, please respond to any questions you have!

I'm at the beginning of nothing, since the old account I had with all of the money in it was set up after the 25k limit on trades was reinstated. So what's my best technique to make a ton of money? (preferably members try something different) I'm planning on advancing this skill up to 99 and earning the most money possible off it before starting to train. (please identify the top 3 options if possible)

What's the best pure pk'ing? I'm aware that range/2h'ers can't be beat in f2p. But how do you feel about P2P? This would be an account with everything it needs, with no restrictions on money.

I'm sure I'll be able to answer more questions, but here's a few for starting. If anyone wants pictures of how I got my free membership, I've screen shot it and it's still in my desktop. I'm not sure how I came to get it, perhaps it was to test some other service they're offering in the future?

What is worth it? D-chain or berserker ring? What is more effective? SS plus or Fury? Barrows:If I do black sallies and want to do Karil/Ahrim what should I put on? If a ss comes with similar stats to whips, why is it good to slay? It has like no shield? Is the ss's special good? Which one is better? SS Or Brackish with D Def? What time would a d-def take to get? How long would fighter's toros take to acquire?

Is the barrows set special designed to only be used if you have the entire set? Is there anything you would consider worthwhile and is fun? To slay, I've heard that the Cannon can be attacked and you could also be attacked. Should I use one for each task? What would my inv. appear like when I Slayer? What will my inv./gear look in barrers (Black sallies) What should I do about it? Is it better to range or melee Ahrims/Karils? Do you have any guidelines for sallies? What do I need to know about them? Do I need to sell my claws in exchange for money or equipment? If I want to take out buy rs3 gold green dragoners or green dragon bots... what is the best method?